November 13, 2013

guys, i miss you.

ummmm, i guess i am (kinda) excited about christmas! lols, jk i am beyond excited.

i have been so busy lately and am going through a "no one reads or cares about my blog" phase.


how are you guys? tell me something good!



  1. Cookie butter. Seriously something good! I'm going through some ugly feelings right now and a honey crisp apple + cookie butter is a little pick me up! XO!

  2. I Love that your soo into Christmas !

  3. I read your blog! (When I'm supposed to be doing oodles of semesters end reports and organizing a hockey pool)!!!
    I just got back from a short but amazing vacation home. My family planned it all out so we could set up our Christmas tree together. So excited for this holiday season... and buying presents for all my lovely family and friends <3

  4. I always read your blog! We are both obsessed with Christmas (and both from Toronto) so it kind of makes us blog kin? Haha. I love love your blog....I went with the Perfect Pear designs because of your blog!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)