November 9, 2013

making time for the things you love.

So on one of my most recent life adventures I've been creating more! I've always loved hand made things and making stuff for friends and family for gifts. Now that I am taking it to the next level I find myself really wanting to do this all the time.

I am working at making time out of my busy schedule to actually do crafts and create things! I like to dedicate a few hours to do this and only this! So, since I realized that this needs to be done I have been writing in my planner when I plan on having creative days and sticking to it as if it were any kind of plans!

I want to work at making time to do the things that I love most! Sometimes we get so busy that we often forget to make time for these kinds of things!

Last Sunday, I pretty much dedicated my entire day to making cute stuff! I made a coffee, put on some Christmas movies and set my whole table up with supplies! I was feeling so organized and inspired and realized this needs to happen more often! I think tomorrow will be my next big craft day!

Next post about this will be some of the things I've created! Can't wait to share them with you guys! ♥


  1. That is so awesome! Can't wait to see what you came up with. On to the next post!

  2. photos like this make me happy! I need to set aside time for my crafting dAys.


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