November 22, 2013

minted christmas cards!

I am so excited to be sharing my love of minted today! :) // I love finding new & wonderful things on the internet, and minted is most definitely one of them. As soon as I checked out their website I was on there for hours. I placed an order for 25 Christmas cards and it was so hard for me to choose because there were so many adorable designs! It was so easy to do and I can't wait to see them.

I am so excited for my cards to arrive in the mail and will be sure to post about them once they get here! When trying to find the perfect photo, I wanted it to be something festive, so I couldn't help but go with one of my favourite photo's ever of Pete and I, taken by my pal Mel took a few years ago, it's the best!

I will post my cards once I get them! Can't wait to send those baby's out! If you want to send some cute-as-can-be Christmas cards out this year, definitely check out minted!
I am totally starting to really feel the Christmas spirit! ♥ Thank you minted!
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  1. I sent out Christmas cards for the first time ever this year (I know!), so these will definitely be on my list for Christmas 2014!


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