November 14, 2013

my (cute) crafty adventure!

Happy Thursday Guys!

I've been waiting a while to "officially" announce my new adventure!
I've decided to start doing some crafting on the side. I am so excited about this and can't wait to share more and more updates with you all. The little business name is cute by jules!
I brainstormed all kind of names to think of the perfect one to reflect what I do. After asking a bunch of amazing and creative people in my life, it seemed as though everyone's favourtie was cute by jules!

My main focus to create cute! I want to spread happiness and positivity and create things that will help spread the love. Things are jus starting out, and since I work full time and have the best job ever this is just something I want to do on the side as something fun, crafty and a creative outlet!

I've been taking a lot of time lately to work on making some cute-as-can-be goodies. In two weeks I will be having a table at my first ever craft table (omfg) -- I will be doing another post soon all about that! I am feeling so inspired and excited about this new little adventure.

All ideas come from my cute & colourful mind and I work at making them custom, handwritten and of course cute (always) Here are a few photo's of a few little cuties I've made so far.

My heart is so full. Hope you guys like everything & I can't wait to share more!


  1. YAY! This is so exciting, and cute!
    Wish I could come stop by at the craft market!! Good luck!!!!
    XO Samantha

  2. Your business is already living up to it's name! :)


  3. Oh my goodness it is all so amazing! AHHH! And so so cute!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)