November 3, 2013

stay inspired!

sunday, i love you!
i had such a wonderful (& productive) day today ♥
pete and i totally lounged this morning and loved having the extra hour of sleep! i spent the day doing crafts and making some new and cute christmas goodies >> more info on this coming soon, i'm working on something creative and i am so excited about it and can't wait to share.
i watched all i want for christmas and home alone because i just can't help but get in to the christmas spirit all of the sudden *squeels* // after some crafting and tidying i made us some homemade french onion soup! it was so delicious and i will share the recipe soon.

staying inspired is something that is so important to me. i am always writing things down, saving articles, book marking things, taking photo's of things can inspire me. looking at fellow bloggers and their homes and work spaces definitely inspires me as well. i especially like when people share their work spaces/desks! it's so cute to see all the little things that inspire people. here is my little corner of our apartment where i do my creative things. some day it will be my own craft room!

a full view of my desk of cuteness ;
this is my "ticket to thailand" from when i got chosen to go on a trip there this past summer at work!;
my adorable pal ames wrote a bunch of sweet love notes to me and this is one of my faves;
that little board is my monthly inspiration board! ;
my basket of craft supplies + make something cute! ;
calender for november, inspiration notebook, notebook for paris + desk things ;
banner with my prinstagrams, craft boxes, polaroids, washi tape etc ;
p&j, notebooks and notebooks and notebooks ;
let it be poster i got in new york, paris postcard and banner ;
just another shot of my happy place! ;


  1. aw I love your desk! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with mine :)

  2. Wow! You are so organized! I had to shove a bunch of papers off my desk to take a picture of my cat, Lindemann.

  3. Your desk is so cute! I love all the little fun and interesting details you have too. I'm sure it keeps you inspired. I totally need to re-do my studio it's a mess right now and you may have just inspired me :)

    xo Aubree
    Macarons and Stilettos

  4. iii!! this looks amazing! wish I'd had one like this! maybe when I'll have a job and my own place. :d
    I love desk posts too!! :d

  5. SO JEALOUS of this BEAUTIFUL inspiring space!!!

  6. Sounds like you had a perfect Sunday! Your craft space is amazinggggg!! I don't have a designated area (though I wish I did) for my craft supplies.. they're just all over the house. Haha



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