January 11, 2014

2014 goals! let's do this!

Well good golly, it's 2014! Woah, how did that happen?

Happy New Year Blog + anyone reading this! :)

This year, like every year I have lots of goals. I am generally pretty good at making these things happen. I like to make goals because it keeps me inspired and makes me want to better myself. This year is huge because it's my final year of my twenties (gasp) Every year I strive to be a better me and these goals are just part of how I plan to achieve that.

This year for the firs time I decided to have a word of the year
dedication is my word for 2014!

Here are my goals so far,
♥ Go to New York again!
♥ Spend more time outside!
♥ RELAX more!
♥ Don't give up!
♥ Spend more time with Pete!
♥ Compliment strangers!
♥ Pack my fuckin' lunch!
♥ Get fit!
♥ Host more gatherings and parties at our place!
♥ Always keep our place clean!
♥ Amp & re-vamp our place!
♥ Always stay inspired!
♥ Read more books!
♥ Eat well!
♥ Finish what I start!
♥ Write more letters!
♥ Drink more tea!
♥ Always take time to create!
♥ Cook more & be home for dinner more!
♥ Write back to messages, emails and texts quicker!
♥ Cherish every moment!
♥ Take my blog where I want it to go!
♥ Plan out next big trip - Ireland & Scotland!
♥ Give more hugs!
♥ Market Saturdays!
♥ Go beyond every single day at work!
♥ Always say I love you!
♥ Challenge myself!
♥ Explore more of Toronto!
♥ Always stay in touch!
♥ Get cute by jules up and running!
♥ Absolutely CRUSH my last year of my 20's


  1. Happy New Year to you! :-)
    Your word for the year is fab and I really like your goals. I haven't really set myself any for this year yet, maybe they will come to me in time.
    Looking forward to reading your posts through 2014.

    1. happy new year love!!!
      thanks so much!! :) i am sure they will come to you soon!!
      awww, yes i can't wait to get lots of blogging in this year!

  2. happy new year and i hope you get to do everything this year! you and your man look wonderful together!

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  3. Love your lists. I haven't picked a word for this year. Not sure if I will.

    1. thank you!!! this is the first year i chose a word of the year, it's kind of fun!

  4. This is a great list! I have some really similar goals this year! I am sure you will rock all this and I am excited to keep following along! <3 happy new year!


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