January 29, 2014

blogs & blogs & blogs

Happy Wednesdayyy, you guys.
I think I (for the most part) have accepted my blog isn't perfect or popular or something I can invest as much time in to as I would like. With that being said I am trying to make an effort to put more thought and love in to each post I write! I do love to blog and I feel that it keeps feeling creative and inspired and makes me want to try new things and go on awesome adventures.

I have seen a lot of people post about blogs & blogging and how it almost feels like instagram and social media in general has made a lot of people stop reading and writing blogs. To be honest, this makes me SO bad, and not just because I hate change!

To me, my blog is a creative outlet, something positive and fun I can spend some of my free time on! It's like a virtual scrapbook about my life. I absolutely love when people tell me that they read my blog and that it's "so me" or that they can picture me saying things I write on here. To me, that is all I can ever really ask for! I pride myself in knowing that my blog truly reflects the real me!

So since I want to blog more, I also want to get back in to reading more blogs! I absolutely LOVE finding new amazing blogs to read on a regular basis. 

So, I ask all of you beautiful people
  • How do you read your blogs? - bookmark, bloglovin' etc?
  • What are some of your FAVOURTIE blogs to read on the regular? suggestions very welcome!


  1. Bloglovin' for me.
    Some of my favorite blogs are...
    The Girl Who Married a Bear http://prettysmartgirlart.blogspot.com/
    Color Blind http://shanaandadam.blogspot.com/
    Bluebirdbaby http://www.bluebirdbaby.typepad.com/
    Elsa Billgren http://elsa.elle.se/

  2. I like getting them by email but all the ones that don't have that option I use bloglovin. And I kinda like the split. I know exactly which blogs are where and it's less overwhelming.

    Some of my favourite blogs are:
    Yours - obvs.
    Goodnight Little Spoon - http://goodnightlittlespoon.com
    The Clueless Girl - http://www.thecluelessgirl.com
    House of Humble - http://houseofhumble.com
    Butter And Buntings - http://butterandbuntings.blogspot.com.au

    and a whole heap of more popular ones that you've probably heard of already!

    XO Samantha

  3. Hey!! I have used most of the popular blog and RSS feed tools and by far I think that Feedly is the absolute best. Its minimal, user friendly, EASY and they have an app that is super useful for when I'm on my phone or ipad. I seriously urge you to check it out if your looking for a new place to read all your blogs from. If do like it let me know and I can give you some tips on how to organize it and other fun things. xo

  4. I use bloglovin, I like it a lot because I can view the actual blog post in all it's glory on the site it was created and it's easy to use.

    Favorites right now:
    The Nectar Collective : http://thenectarcollective.com/
    Chimerikal : chimerikal.com
    Exploring Woods: http://exploringwoods.blogspot.com/
    Yes & Yes : http://www.yesandyes.org/

    I'm excited for you to post more often! Yay!

  5. Jules,
    We wanted to let you know we "nominated" you for a Lieber Award! We had no idea what it was when we were nominated either haha. But you can read about it in our newest post:

    We nominated you because we think you're amazing.
    June + Amelia


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