January 20, 2014

your not-so-blue monday!

Oh hello. So today, is apparently what they call "Blue Monday" which they consider the most depressing day of the year. Why do we even acknowledge something so horrible you ask? I don't know either!

So after reading today's headlines in newspapers and online, I thought this seems like a wonderful blog post for me to work on! Here are 20 things to make your day the opposite of blue!
20 things to do for a not-so-blue Monday!

  1. Buy some beautiful&bright flowers (I did this today too!)
  2. Wear red lipstick! (and this)
  3. Dress in colours that remind you of Summer!
  4. Listen to THIS SONG! (and this)
  5. Get creative and make something
  6. Pick up the phone and call an old friend for a good chat :)
  7. Have a glass of wine and have a bubble bath.
  8. Look at photo's of the beach and daydream that you're there right now! (& this! Thailannnnd)

           9. Send a surprise letter in the mail
  1. 10. Watch THIS VIDEO

  1. 11. Call your Grandpa & Grandma

  1. 12. Watch one of these movies - clueless, now&then, dazed&confused, pretty in pink

  1. 13. Read some old cards and love letters

  1. 14. BEE POSITIVE!!!!!!

15. Plan your next big trip and/or adventure!
16. Leave some secret compliments around your workplace or house (I found one today! best.)
17. Plan a themed party! When are these not a good idea?
18. Make yourself a fancy drink & cosy up. Mojito time?
19. Meditate!!!
20. Bake something delicious! Why not make them blue? In yo face "blue monday!"

Here's to a colourful & happy end to January!


  1. Your list sounds great. I was just thinking that we had to start planning our vacation for the end of June (My birthday weekend).

  2. Awesome ideas! I need to make a point of doing several of these things on Mondays! I almost always get the Monday blues.


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