February 27, 2014

winter blues.

( didn't have a cute winter photo, so here are some winter-ish cupcakes i made )

You guys, I just need to talk about winter for a minute here.

This has been the longest, coldest winter that I can even remember. Normally I don't mind the season all that much (mostly because I love Christmas and when it's snowy) but this year I am having a tough time.

I know no one would even really notice since I am still pretty happy and positive, but I feel different. I don't want to go out because it's too freezing, plans often fall through because we don't want to deal with how horribly freezing out it is. I feel negative towards how I look and how I feel and it sucks.

I know it's time to snap out of it! Spring is almost here and I am thinking happy & sunny thoughts! I know it won't be too much longer but I am feeling impatient!

How are you feeling? Is it still freezing cold where you are?

Think warm happy thoughts with me! We're not going to let you ruin our jive, winter!

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