March 20, 2014

the happiest post ever because today is "international day of happiness"

Be Happy :)

So, not only is today the first day of Spring (omfg, finally) but it's also..
"International Day Of Happiness"
You can imagine how stoked I am that this day exists. "But that's every day for you babe" is what my boyfriend Pete said to me tonight when I was skyping with him.  (aw)

I don't even know how or where to begin a blog post all about happiness, since it's one of my most favourite things.  So, I have accumulated of some of my favourite HAPPY things! (there's just so many) I did my best to pick some of my favourites.

Any party post from "Oh Happy Day" this is from a necklace making craft night! :

Here is one of my past posts all about creating the perfect day! why not start today?

My answer to most things : Because, I'm happy.

The sun is shining! Come on, Get Happy!

This post I did in January 20 things to make you monday less blue!

This is the street that I am always on :

( ♥ )

This is VERY similar to my daily affirmation : Jessica's Daily Affirmation

Go get a copy of "live happy" or join "the happiness movement"

Read one of my past posts all about rainy day smiles!

Literally every thing Jimmy Fallon does makes me happy.

Find more about The Happiness Project.

Another happiness blog post called little happy things!

Today, and every day I choose happiness and I hope you do too.


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