June 16, 2014

Orange is the new EVERYTHING.

Oh hey there! Happy Monday to you :)

Hope you had a good weekend. I sure did! Went to an amazing wedding and got to hang out with the best pals, got a new iPhone (5C!) which I am so excited about. We are moving this weekend so we are busy getting ready for that! I am so excited. Can't wait for new adventures in an amazing part of Toronto! Not to mention a bigger place, fresh start annnnd most importantly - a craft room! (dying)

I had to post about my new obsession. It was just over a week ago when I said to Pete "We should watch Orange is the new black, I heard it's really good" and then we watched, and then we fell in love and now there is nothing else. Nothing. (lolz) 

Ok but seriously, I love this show so much. We are almost done the first season now and I can't wait to start the second! Anyone else a huge OITNB fan?

( XO )

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