July 5, 2014

BRB, going to punta cana!

well, life has been so crazy! but good crazy!

today i am heading to punta cana for a week of awesome. i am there for work (i work at a student travel company, in case you didn't know!) it's going to be absolute mayhem, and i cannot wait.

once i am back there is SO much to do & look forward to! for example :

// family weekend at our cabin!
// a full week off work! ahhh! + road trip with pete (destination TBD)
// another wedding (lol, obvs)
// our week long conference at work, which is solo fun!
// re-naming/branding this blog!
// crossing some things off my 30 before 30 list!
// my 30th birthday bash -- bestie fest! on august 16th

i hope you're all good. i miss you guys! life calms down for a bit in one week, can't wait to come atcha with some new and exciting posts!

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