July 17, 2014

time to relax

today is an awesome day, today is the start of my vacation! it's been over a year since i've taken some time off to just chill & now it's all happening!

awesome things that will happen in my next week and a bit!

- start it off with a family cabin weekend, so excited for this!
- pete and i are taking a road trip to cleveland, going to eat, shop, drink & explore a new city!
- just really take some time to ~relax~
- sleep in!
- spend time unpacking & settling in to our new place
- take a bubble bath
- start getting my craft room set up :)
- make a nice dinner for pete
- sit outside and read a book
- drink lots of wine
- catch up with some old friends
- cross some things off my 30 before 30 list, less than a month left!
- work on my new blog, how stoked are you?

so happy right now! how are you?

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