October 21, 2014

Mo Money, Mo problems. Tips & tricks to saving your money!

Happy Tuesday Baes! I am off work this week having a "staycation" aka jules week! So far, I've gone on a craft run in the suburbs (michaels, target, creative bag) visited with my mom and had an amazing home cooked meal (chicken pot pie), hung out with grandpa and grandma, cleaned our place, did some crafts, watched home alone and taken a bubble bath.

Today I spent some time reading some articles I had saved about budgeting, tips on saving money etc. It's something I am not the best at, but am getting better. This blog post is a way for me to learn more about it, and remind me that I can do it. An article I saved from Chatelaine is called "6 ways to go from broke to rich" sounds good to me! Here are the tips from that article below :

1. Automate your savings
Set up automatic transfers on pay day and put some money in savings account. Start with as little as 5% of your total income and it will add up very quickly! In 6 months, see if you can afford to put away even more.

2. Review & Reduce service fees
Anything from your phone bill to credit card an bank account. You may be paying for services you don't use or could get cheaper elsewhere. Call up your service providers and cancel everything you don't use and ask to lower your monthly bill

3. Treat yourself (for free!)
Don't try to justify a pricey coffee, new shoes or a new pair of jeans. Top your homemade coffee with a little whipped cream or host a clothing swap party!

4. Build better habits
Disorganization costs you money - especially in late fees. Identify where you're spending money needlessly, so you know where to save. Try making a weekly grocery list, shopping your own wardrobe and designating a place for bills so they're paid on time.

5. Set a spending limit
Just because your friends are doing it doesn't mean that you have to follow, especially if it means digging yourself deeper in the financial hole. Give yourself an allowance for clothing and entertainment and don't go over your limit. If funds are short, find other ways to hang out with your friends.

6. Create realistic goals
It's hard to know how much to save if you don't have a clear goal in mind. Figure out what your goals are and then calculate how much you need (and can) save to make them happen.

Tips from Jules //
- Make your own cards! I buy plain & patterned cards in bulk and decorate and customize them depending on the occasion. We've always got something on the go whether it's a birthday, wedding or baby shower. You save anywhere from $4-$7 per card! Besides, it's way more special to make your own. Am I right?
- Stock up on things when they're on sale - toiletries, food and even gifts! - I've already got a few things for Christmas gifts because they were just so perfect and a great deal.
- Go to the grocery store with a list! Plan out your meals and make a list and stick with it. This way you won't over spend when going to pick up groceries for the week
- Use the "reebee" app - I love this app! It updates you weekly on flyers and sales in your area. I search it about once a week to see if anything I need is on sale, and where!
- Choose to stay in and celebrate with friends rather then go out for dinner/a bar. We've been better lately at staying in and having drinks at our place or a friends. A lot of the time I prefer it because it's easier to catch up, and is most definitely less expense. If you are going to go out, scout out places that have dinner and drink specials that night!
- Coffee lovers, we can figure it out. I love my fancy coffee drinks but I save them for special days. Choose a place that has inexpensive and delicious coffee, or a daily deal and go there on that day. I've been making coffee at home and bringing it in my traveller coffee cup some days too!
- Don't freak out and make it rain on pay day! - Omg I am traditionally the worst when it comes to this, I get so stoked that I got paid that I get a bit carried away. Now I am learning that first things first, pay dem bills, then put some cash aside and then figure out what you need in the next few weeks. Game changer for sure.

Do you have any tips or advice on saving money? Comment and share!

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