November 25, 2014

Hey Jules Holiday! - Christmas Countdown is ON!

OH HEY! I'm here, and I am wearing an Elf Costume until Christmas! Ok, maybe not actually but figuratively. I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! Oh I am just way too excited.

If you've been a reader for a while you most definitely know this, but if not - consider this your warning! Follow my Instagram for an in depth christmas invasion @julierosschristmas

Every year I create a list of Christmas time to-do's and try to do as many as I can! I know it seems like a ridiculously insane amount of goals because it is! But I think I just might do it.

I've also got a really AMAZING giveaway coming up for you guys, so get stoked! Here's a hint -  you could make the cutest Christmas cards of all time if you won!

Here is my Hey Jules Holiday List
  • go on a date for a festive special
  • mail christmas card to everyone and anyone we can!
  • create cute favours for our christmas party
  • make two custom christmas cocktails to serve at our party
  • have a christmas movie day with ivy (my niece)
  • watch at least 10 christmas movies
  • drive around my hometown to look at the christmas lights!
  • make homemade gifts (bath salts, lavender satchels, bbq sauce)
  • spread anonymous love around toronto
  • compliment someone every day
  • host a christmas giveaway on my blog
  • donate to a charity
  • blog about our christmas decor
  • go back to our old neighbourhood to give some $ to a homeless man i used to always see
  • give a christmas card to every co-worker (80+ people)
  • send a package to thailand to my uncle al
  • order some printstagtams for gifts/christmas cards
  • watch our home video of christmas 1991
  • spread christmas cheer to everyone i see
  • shop local as much as i can!
  • drink (lots) of rum and eggnog
  • drink even more baileys!
  • make homemade baileys or kahlua
  • go skating outdoors
  • make paper snowflakes, and be better at them
  • have a christmas craft/card making day
  • surprise a friend with a sweet & thoughtful gift
  • make christmas goodies! all of sweets in the world
  • set up a christmas photo booth inside our place
  • plan activities for christmas eve with my whole fan (this makes me so happy)
  • post about how to save money this christmas while being creative and crafty
  • tips & tricks to get in the christmas spirit

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  1. I just love, love this list! It inspires me to make my own! I think the holidays just go so fast that they tend to get away from me and I forget to revel in all the amazing things about it, so this is a fab reminder! <3


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