March 1, 2015

( i am very busy )

Happy Sunday, Beautiful ♥

Oh & Happy March! So glad that February is over. Really really hoping that Spring is on it's way to Toronto. This weekend was one of the most relaxing, quiet weekends I have had in so long. We started our morning in the best way, Pete woke me up to playing the beatles, making me banana pancakes and now we're watching the wedding singer! :)

We are heading for coffee's and a walk around town soon, and then I will be doing a bunch of the things listed below. Here are some tips for living a (very) busy life.
5 tips for very busy people!
1. use a planner/day timer - I am totally lost without my planner. Call me old fashioned but I much prefer a real paper planner over using my phone. I already use my phone more that I would like so if a notification or something shows up it's easy to ignore. I use my planner to write in all things happening in my life so I can see them on paper, in cute colours, with stickers. (obviously) As soon as  I confirm plans with someone it goes in my planner so I know I won't forget!
2. plan ahead - I do this often because if I don't, I won't be able to squeeze everything in to my schedule. If there are certain people I really want to see I make sure to plan ahead so we can all commit ahead of time. Sure, I still make sure to keep some weekends free (like this one) 
3. make lists - I am Queen Bee when it comes to list making, but to be honest it's truly what keeps me organized, on track and able to do all the things, ever. I have notebooks for everything (also, because I just really love notebooks) One for just daily life things to do, so I can cross them off as I go, one for general creative ideas, one for my blog etc. 
4. use your time wisely - People often ask me how I find time to do so many things, and I guess it's just what I am used to. But while although I am a very busy bee, I also take time for myself to just relax often too. I use my lunch break at work to run errands, or do some planning for my blog or upcoming plans. Generally our weekends are really jam packed. I do my best to use my days to clean, create things, blog, or go on an adventure around our place. If I can I like to sleep in a bit on the weekends to feel extra refreshed for the day.
5. plan your week- Sunday, is not only my favourite day of the week, but my day to be productive and get sh*t done. Things that I do to plan my week ; clean our place, plan our meals for the week, go grocery shopping, do laundry, respond to emails, blog, relax, maybe take a bubble bath if I have time and we usually end our weekend by watching a movie. I feel so much better about the week ahead if I have done all or most of these things! #GirlBoss

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  1. Love this post! I really need to get better at organising my time, some weeks i'm a pro and other times I really am not at all. I think I need to take some time to organise my week better, even an hour on a Sunday just to sit down with my diary and set some goals. xx


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