March 14, 2015

learning to play ukulele!

ukuele ♥
Oh hi, Happy Saturday! Sorry I wasn't around this week. Lots going on and didn't quite have my creative juices flowing for any blog posts. Pete has been gone all week in Morocco and France for work. I decided to watch the last 2 seasons of Gossip Girl and became entranced all week (lol) but the good news is, I finished the last episode and now I have my life back! Pete will be home tomorrow and I can't wait to see him!

Pete got me this adorrrrrable happy face ukulele for Christmas and I am going to learn how to play it, I gotta. I've always wanted to play guitar and have tried a few times but my little fingers just couldn't cut it.

I am going to look for some videos online and try to teach myself! My goal is to be able to play some tunes by the fire at the cabin this Summer.

I found this video and it totally melted my heart. I will is one of my favourite Beatles songs, and that girl has the most beautiful voice! I hope I will be able to play it some day!

Do you play any instruments?!

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