April 6, 2015

Be Happy // Monday Vibes

Happy Monday!

You may of heard me mention a few weeks ago, that I am going to make a conscious effort to learn to love Monday's. Monday means a fresh start, a new beginning, and lots to look forward to ♥

Here's 10 ways to BE HAPPY now:
  1. Listen to some serious ~good vibes~ kinda tunes to start your day
  2. Treat yourself to your favourite kind of morning drink, whether it be a fancy latte, a freshly squeezed juice or a speciality tea
  3. Text a friend or family member telling them how much they mean to you. Having that interaction will help set your week off on the right foot
  4. Make a list of goals for the week, even if it's 3 things you want to do! Write them down, hang them up next to your bed, or on the fridge and hold yourself accountable 
  5. Eat fresh fruits and veggies, and get some good energy for the day
  6. Walk it out! Go for a walk today. Either walk to work, take a walk on your lunch break or head out after work to get some fresh air.
  7. Unplug! I have to do this more because when I do it feels really nice. Put your phone away for the night. Read a book, play a board game, do some crafts, free your mind!
  8. Buy yourself some fresh flowers, because how could they not make you happy? :)
  9. Make a homemade dinner, sit down and relax and enjoy a meal with your family, friends or anyone who will make you feel happy.
  10. End your day with gratitude. Write down all that you're thankful for at the end of the day


  1. Chai Tea Lattes from the Keurig at work cheer me up INSTANTLY! :) Just came across your blog recently and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites. You do you, girl!


    1. yessss love me some chai lattes! :) - awww wow thank you so much! that made my day! going to check out yours now too!

  2. Love this list Jules!! Making Mondays a little bit more magical is a great idea! Buying yourself some fresh flowers for the week as well, is something I haven't thought about but will without a doubt be doing. Fresh flowers in the home just make me feel so happy. xx

    1. Thank you my darlin' - really trying to get better at liking Monday's - it's been a struggle! hehe. yeses I couldn't agree more, I almost always have some fresh flowers in our home!


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