April 12, 2015

Sunday Style - A sunny day in the city!

So, today was basically the best day EVER! Ok maybe not ever, but it was just really really good. I knew it was supposed to be warm and sunny today in Toronto, but I wasn't ready to believe until it happened since it's been the longest winter of life.

Pete and I woke up to some serious sunshine, headed to our local pub and watched manchester united win a huge game! After that we headed out for an adventure. Pete snapped some photo's of my outfit, we walked along Queen West, ran in to some friends along the way, and just kept on walking in the sunshine. We came home and had some vodka lemonades, did the groceries and had a delicious dinner and red wine. Life is GOOD, ya know?

I hadn't done an outfit post in forever, so I thought now that Spring is finally here I would do one. I need to get back in to the groove of wearing spring-like attire and having my arms and milky white skin exposed (lol) - that last photo tho!

nautical sunny sunday outfit
scarf ; this is vintage, it was my grandma's & i love it
lipstick ; always red by sephora
anchor t-shirt ; zara
cardigan ; old navy
skirt ; h&m
purse ; forever 21
necklace ; anice jewellery

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  1. Oh Jules!! You look so cute here. Such a perfect sunny day outfit and luckily the sun has put his hat on in London too so you've got me all inspired! Jac xx


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