May 26, 2015

Get inspired with these 5 blog posts!

When it comes to blogging, a lot of us have a love/hate relationship. It can get discouraging to feel motivated enough to post when you feel like nobody is reading. Something that always helps me to get inspired and excited to blog, is to use the incredible resources we have online to find a reason to keep going! There are so many smart, talented and lovely bloggers out there who create amazing content almost every day.

I decided I am going to update my current reading list, and spend 10-15 minutes (almost) every day to get inspired! + with that being said, here are 5 amazing blog posts to get you inspired:

1) Tips for a successful blog from Dana of "Wonder Forest"
// Dana's blog & brand is literally beautiful. I love everything she creates and always find her posts beyond informative and helpful.

2) How & Why to create a media kit for your blog from Melissa of "Nectar Collective"
// Melissa is such a smart, successful and lovely lady. I LOVE her blog and her content is always on point and something I am post definitely interested in.

3) 50 blog post ideas, from Mandy of "A girl, obsessed"
// I've followed Mandy's blog(s) for years and she never lets me down. Not only is she adorable and sweet as can be, but she is honest and her posts are always beyond lovely.

4) 10 tips on working with PR companies from "BlogPodium"
// I've been able to attend BlogPodium twice in the last few years and it's always a really great and inspiring experience. I love keeping up to date with their mailing list + blog for great tips.

5) 4 tips for finding your blogging niche from Lauren of "Elle & Co"
// Lauren is such a awesome girl. Her blog is so great! Her tips are always beyond helpful, and you can tell so much thought and dedication goes in to every post/

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