November 25, 2015

1 month until CHRISTMAS!

Ok you guys, can you even believe it? Today is November 25th - one month until Christmas! ♥ - this year has literally flown by and there's now slowing down now. If you are new to this blog, then let me mention again that I REALLY love Christmas. I mean, realllllllly love it. All year I look forward to Christmas, and now it's finally here again so hooray!

Since we've got one month to go, I am going to do a quick little check list for you guys (i'm making a list, and checking it twice...obvi!) to make sure you're ready for the holiday season!:

+ plan out your schedule! the holidays can be crazy, especially when you have a million things to do in just a month or so. write in your planner, or add things to your phone - keep track of all your shopping days, events, parties, date nights etc.

+ make a christmas bucket list! this is something I do every year, and I just finished mine for this year (and will post it this week!) I find there are just so many things that I want to do at this time of year that I love to make a list and keep track of all the fun.

+ do a review of who you are buying gifts for. make notes of ideas of what to get them, and where. talk it over with your partner, friends or family members to keep things within a limit, and getting an idea of what people really want

+ set a budget! it may be a bit late for this now since we don't have much time, but Christmas is tough for a lot of people because they are breaking the bank on the holiday. Decide who you will be buying for and how much you want to spend. Keep tabs on when and where things are on sale and even get creative and do homemade gifts too.

+ stock up on wrapping paper, baking supplies, booze and hosting essentials! you never know who may stop by or when you may need a last minute gift or treat for friends and family around this time of year.

+ order your christmas cards! or purchase them now. Nothing is worse than when you run out of cards (ok, I write them out for A LOT of people) and you need to pick some up and they are all gone, or there are only really weird awkward ones left. You can get adorable cards from Winners, Homesense and Marshall's for really cheap!

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  1. I'm so glad im done my christmas shopping already, i started in early november, but i definitely made a gifting guide to keep track, and my boyfriend and i set a budget this year to avoid overspending. Besides Christmas is about the holiday, not the gifts. I also LOOOVE christmas! its my favourite time of the year.

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