November 23, 2015

have fun!

Oh hey you! Happy Monday!

With all the horrible things going on in the world lately, I thought it would be good to post a little FUN on the blog and in hopes that it gives you a smile, laugh or a giggle today. I've felt super bummed out watching the news, and hearing bad news on the daily. It's a good reminder to pause and reflect and remember how truly lucky we all are.

& because it's Monday, and maybe you need an extra reason to have fun! Here are 10 things to make you smile today ♥ :

1. Diane Keaton fan-girling over Justin Bieber on Ellen! I love both of them, and this is just like the cutest, most honest cougar celebrity crush and I die for it.

2. Make a countdown to something that you're really excited about! 187 days is my current countdown! Until our wedding! ♥ (omg)

3. Basically, add anything from Bando on your Christmas wish list! I've never been more in love with a company and literally everything they create!

4. Joseph Gordan Levitt took lip sync battle to the next level with his epic Janet Jackson performance to Rhythm Nation, I can't even! I LOVE him!

5. Watch the preview for "The Night Before" - Pete and I saw it on Friday, and LOVED it! It was definitely everything I hoped it be and more! 

6. Check out your horoscope for this week! I kinda love doing this because it's weird how accurate it is sometimes. This made me LOL "When going out, make it a group thing! You have far too many people to connect with to squeeze in one-on-ones"

7. Take some time out of your busy day to do a fun/silly quiz! Pete and I used to love doing these years ago and just got back in to it on Friday. We did a bunch of Christmas ones (obvi)

8. Watch this video from SNL on Saturday, about how no matter what happens, or how stressed out we get, there is ONE thing that will bring us all together, and that's Adele.

9. Make a bucket list! I am currently working on my Christmas one! & Lauren from This Renegade Love made her 35 before 35 list and it's so inspiring, just like her!

10. Listen to Justin Bieber ALL FRIGGIN' DAY! Because honestly, how can that not make you happy? I am particularly obsessed with the song "Love Yourself"

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  1. i loved reading this, you convinced my boyfriend and i to go see "the night before" and it definitely gave us a few much needed laughs, thanks for sharing the positivity!

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