December 15, 2015

Hockey + My Favourite Memory

I am super stoked to share a personal love of hockey with you all today on the blog!

Ever since I can remember I've been a hockey fan. Growing up with a Dad, Grandpa and an older brother who were leaf fans are what stemmed this from a young age. Since I grew up just outside Toronto, The Maple Leafs were the team that I grew to love from a young age.

As I've gotten older, I've become a bigger fan of the sport and an even bigger die hard fan. I love watching sports, but hockey is by far my favourite. One of my earliest memories of hockey is going to see the Leafs play on their old ice, Maple Leaf Gardens - I went with my Dad, and it's one of many very special memories of him that I will forever cherish. I loved being able to see the players live in action, experience the fans at the rink, and hear the players yell and holler at each other. This was the beginning of my lifetime love affair with The Toronto Maple Leafs.

Hockey has always been and always will be a very big part of my life! My future kids have no choice but to be Leaf fans, as well as my future hubby! People seem shocked to learn how much I love the sport since I am a creative girly girl who loves lipstick and sparkles.

When Forever 21 approached me about their new NHL collection I was beyond stoked to be a part of it. They've created pieces for five Canadian NHL teams, one of course being my favourite! Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. I am excited about this collection, and also to be hosting a giveaway on my INSTAGRAM! for 2 $100 Forever 21 Gift Cards!

What is your favourite hockey memory?

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