October 17, 2009


hey everyone!
i just wanted to post and tell you that i'm alive and well and have the most amazing time with my love and my uncle al!
we've done and seen so much so far, it's incredible.
an example of a day here

today ;
breakfast with bubby and uncle al - apple cinnamon pancakes and a lime smoothie $3
spending the day at a pool, relaxing and swimming $2.50
one hour on the internet - 40 baht (1.25 an hour)
picnic in our room this afternoon, with watermelon and grapes - 10 baht each (25 cents each)
going to the market later
going to the irish pub for dinner, and watching the manchester united game!

things to look forward to in the next few days;
going to the thai orpahanage to bring presents for the kiddies
going to the night market tomorrow night
taking a trip up a mountain on monday
going back to the most amazing mall i've ever seen on tuesday, costs 1.00 to get there, there's so much hello kitty stuff and a fucking i love panda's store.
okay, i'm in heaven.

hope you're all well!!!


  1. ooooh sounds fun!! i wanna be there waahhh ;)

  2. we are well...and EXTREMELY jealous.

    *sigh* hello kitty.
    mikey bought me a cute hk necklace today actually, for no reason at all! AW

  3. wow sounds like your hainvg a great time!

    For all things fashion:


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)