June 9, 2010

two years of love. JUNE 10TH, 2010

2 year anniversary!
jules & pete ♥
our story...


pete and i met just over two years ago, on board the norwegian dawn (cruise ship)
i had done a contract on the ships for a few months, and had such an amazing time, when it was my time to come home, it was bitter sweet, i really wanted to see my family and friends, but i also felt that my time there was not over. i came home for 3 weeks, and then decided to go back. in the time that i was home, a super adorable boy signed on the ship (i saw him in my friends pics on facebook and was like WHOAAAA cutie!)
when i first met pete, i was instantly into him. tall, handsome, & very funny! not to mention the most beautiful blue eyes ever:)

i tried not to make it that obvious at first, but i was totally crushin'
something super cute to keep in mind;
on the ship (we worked as youth staff) we all had nutty nicknames, we literally went by them at all times, the kids called us our names, and we called eachother our nutty names.
pete's name was popsicle,
and my name was cupcake!
as time went on, and some innocent flirting came about, i was really starting to like him, he was so fun to be around, and i couldn't remember the last time i felt so giddy.
i used to love getting notes from him in my little mailbox at work, and our hangouts became a lot more frequent, spending lots of time together at work, and at the bars on the ship, spending week days on the beach in bermuda, week nights at the bar in bermuda and sunday's in new york city (that's where our ship sailed from)

as time went on, our relationship grew and grew and i was in total lust.
after a few months of absolute bliss, it was my time to sign off the ship - sadly i had to leave pete behind..only for 3 weeks though - because as destiny had it, we were from the same part of canada, and only one hour away from eachother...
so there was a chance this could work.
we went with the flow, kept things low key for a while..
when pete came home we had to kinda start all over on "land" which sounds crazy, but we had never hungout off the ship, so it was a definite change.
before i knew it we were official, and spent our first year together doing the long distance thing, about 2 and a half hours apart while pete finished his last year of school.

we became a solid couple.
fun and full of life and adventures!
last summer we went back on the ship together...
but this time we weren't just "cupcake" and "popsicle"
we were "cupsicle"
hahaha, how cute is that?
we had an amazing summer together again, traveling, working, living, loving...
celebrated our one year anniversary in bermuda!
we are so good together, we both love life and are passionate about travel, friends, family etc...
in october we took on a big adventure, we went to thailand for a month!
it was the most amazing trip of my life. absolute perfection...
i can't believe how well pete and i travel together, it really is amazing.
his friends are now my friends, and my friends are now his.

we always have some sort of adventure happening, and we go on the best dates ever..
nothing can just be simple with us, and that is what keeps things so great between us.
i can't believe how lucky i am to of met this amazing boy, while sailing the sea's..
i think it's so romantic how we met,
and i am so thankful for having him in my life.

i love you so much babe.
i can't believe how patient and kind you are to me. thank you for making me laugh, and making me smile every day. thanks for putting up with my crazy outfits, busy schedule, constant cupcake baking, obsession with christmas, and my insanely decorated room & so much more.
you have won my heart over, as well as the hearts of my family and friends.
everyone loves you, but not as much as i do.
you're the best bubby!
i love you.
happy 2 yearssssss

some photo's of US!!!;;;


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  2. Awwww you guys are so cute together. And I love the story it is so sweet.

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. AWWWWW! Cute couple! I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!!! Happy Anniversary! <333

  4. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful love story! I absolutely love it!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. aww...even though i knew this story already i still loved reading every single word and by the end i was tearing up...haha. i am so happy that you finally found that person who makes you complete. it feels like it wasn't that long ago that we were both thinking 'what the heck is wrong with us, we're fun right?!' haha and look where we are now!!
    hope you have a wonderful day at wonderful :) take lots of photos and have a blast! happy anniversary cuties xo

  6. awww "cupsicle" you guys are the cutest EVA!!!! I loved your love story! How ROMANTIC!! Seriously, cutest ever! Such great pics of you guys! Congrats on 2 years and I wish y'all many more!!!


  7. p.s. My hubs and I started calling each other nutty nicknames in our high school love notes. I was cupcake and he was muffin :) Love yours!!

  8. Yay!! I love it. Did you know that I actually applied to work for Carnival in their youth program but then I got hired as a teacher and I didn't do it :( It was always my dream though!!
    Also, Don't forget to head over to my blog and snatch up the Blog Button for accepting the journal challenge!! http://www.iheartrunwithscissors.com/2010/06/challenge.html

  9. oh my goodness you guys are seriously cute!!!
    here's to the next 50 years! haha!!

  10. omg you guys are SOOO cute... i'm so happy for you! i love this story! :)


  11. so soooo cute!! congratulations on your anniversary!!

  12. :] So happy and adorable.
    Yay for happy anniversaries! :]

  13. ADORABLE! i love it. and i love all the pictures. ♥ congrats!


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