March 14, 2011

cupcake video!

i'm so excited because today i am starring in a "create a cupcake" video for one of my friends!
it will be filmed in my cute little kitchen and it's a video about how to bake cupcakes, how fun is that? i am so excited! i have everything all ready and i am wearing my cupcake apron! hehe:)
hopefully i will be able to post it at some point too so you can all see!
happy monday my little cupcakes


  1. yup, you're adorable jujubes.
    i'm not sure why she picked you, of all people, to be in a cupcake video's not like you love cupcakes or anything...weird?

    heheh ;)

  2. Cutieeee! That apron is too perfect! You are the queen of cupcakes!

  3. how fun! what a great start to the week :)

  4. How great!! I hope we get to see it someday. How fun :)
    You're so gorgeous!!

  5. CARLY - you're too sweet! haha i agree, i am not sure why she would choose me!!?:) hehe

    JENNY - i loveee the apron & why thank youu

    ALLISON - i was the best day ever:)

    MY GIRL CRUSH - yesss, i hope i can post it. and YOU are gorgeous (haha, do you like what i named you there?)

  6. haha! I LOVE what you named me there. :]

  7. eee! you're so cute and that apron is adorable!!

  8. That apron is the cutest!! So perfect for you!! :) Love it.


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