June 10, 2011

3 amazing years!

jules + pete =
3 years of love ♥♥♥

hi guys:)
so, as i mentioned earlier this week..today is pete & i's 3 year anniversary. this is such a special day for me, not just because it is my longest relationship but mostly because it is by far my happiest. for so long i felt like i would never find my very own prince charming. i always had the worst luck with boys and could never find the right one for me. until..on a cruiseship of thousands of people, sailing from new york city to bermuda - i met pete♥ yeeeeee:)
i really truly think that fate brought us together. i was working on the ship and had an amazing contract of about 3 and a half months, i came home and while i was home i realized i wanted to go back! it was such a great contract and the people on the ship were SO awesome so i wanted to go back. while i was gone, a tall, handsome canadian boy signed on:) it didn't take long for me to fall for pete with his constant hilarious jokes, bright blue eyes, amazing smile, and amazing personality.
i remember being there for a week or two and telling my friend mango (lol, real name marianna) that i had a crush on popsicle (PETE!) :)
the rest from there is pretty much history...

i could literally spend my entire day writing on this blog about pete, but no one wants to read that and it will just make him really embarressed:) hehe

so i will just say-
pete, I LOVE YOU. every single day of my life of i am thankful that i have you in my life. you make me smile every single day, and you are perfect in every day. you are so laid back and sauve about everything and for that i envy you. you put up with my silly ways, my singing old songs, my dance moves, my love for christmas, my love for CUTE stuff, my cupcake decorating, my insanely loud laugh, my extremely decorated apartment, my non stop busy schedule, but most of all - you love me for who i am, and i am so thankful to of found someone who loves me as much as i love them.

the most amazing part about pete & i, is that we are always going on adventures together. i lovelovelove that pete loves to travel, and go places, try new things, and is always up for new adventures! we have so much fun together! every single weekend we have fun plans to do things of all kinds and i love that we always have something to look forward to, and what i love even more is that i get to do them with him:)
it's incredible to be with someone who shares my love of travel!
not to mention the fact that my friends and family absolutely love pete. honestly, they ask about him every time he isn't there, and i think they like him more than me now! :)

so today & every day,
i want to say thank you for being you.
to me, you are perfect.
i love you with all my heart!:) ♥

i am so excited for this weekend!
tonight pete & i are doing dinner and then going out for my pal's birthday.
tomorrow we are going for dinner at one of our fave restaurants in toronto, & then going to see my friend adam at second city as it's one of his last shows on mainstage. & then we're staying in a fancy hotel downtown!
sunday if it's nice&sunny we'll take the ferry to the island!
sunday night is GLEE live (pete's not coming to that though!!haha)

and if you read all of that..
the chances are - i LOVE you too!:)
sorry to be so sappy, but well...
i just really am♥ hahaha.

here are some jules&pete///cupcake&popsicle photo's


  1. Awww I teared up! You guys are so adorable. Congrats on three years and many more! Enjoy your weekend <3

  2. your photos make me happy and i don't know you! so look at that -- you are spreading happiness all around!

    congrats and cheers to many more lovely years to come.

  3. You guys are adorable! Congrats!


  4. Jules, you guys are a beautiful couple and you have the sweetest story! Love it!
    Happy 3 years together!

  5. Happy anniversary!! Gosh, you two are adorable!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! That is amazing. When you love some one that much it is the best feeling in the world enjoy it!!!

  7. hehe, i teared up too jenny!! lol. we're nerds. happy anniversary julie & pete! you guys are great together. i think the reason why this made me emotional, well a) because i am SO happy that you found this kind of love and happiness but also because i remember many a times talking to you and us wondering if we were ever going to find love "we're pretty cute, aren't we?" hehe...and now we both have it :) have a wonderful day together !!!

  8. so adorable! happy anniversary :) i'm so glad you have someone who makes you so happy!


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