May 27, 2012

blog podium wrap up! :)

What an AMAZING weekend!
Honestly, one of the most fun filled weekends I've had in a while. Yesterday was Blog Podium - a Toronto blog conference "The Business Of Blogging" I wasn't too sure what to expect from Blog Podium since I've never been to anything like it before, but I am honestly so glad that I went. What a learning experience! I took a lot from the guest speakers, panel, and sponsors. It was wonderful to see so many creative, talented and beautiful people come together for the love of blogging. Blogging has become a big part of my life so I loved learning about how to help my blog grow from people who have so much knowledge and passion for blogging. 

The venue was absolutely stunning. The wonderful ladies (Jennifer and Lindsay) who put the event together did an incredible job and their passion for blogging and the event really showed. Everything about the event was perfect! The venue was beauuuutiful, the decor was so pretty, the tables were the cutest, the food and drinks were delicious. It was all spot on! It made the event that much more special. Although I'm not a design blogger, I still feel like I learned a lot about blogging. It's still so crazy to me that blogging has become such a lifestyle for so many. I absolutely love that ♥ :)

I learned a lot about monetizing your blog from the very talented Nicole from "Making it Lovely" - It was so inspiring to hear someone speak about turning blogging in to their full time job (one can dream!)
I really loved the panel discussion at the conference as well. They touched on a lot of important parts of blogging. Advertising, sponsors, guest posts, twitter, interacting with followers, approaching brands etc. I definitely learned a lot from their answers to all of the questions, all the ladies were very knowledgable, honest and fun to listen to!

After the guest speakers and panel, we got to get to know the amazing sponsors! There was food, wine, laughs, photo's and awesome times. The best part of the day was definitely the fact that we made this an excuse for a little mini Toronto Blogger Meet Up! :)

I got to meet up with friends who I don't get to see very often, and also meet some amazing blogger pals that I had never had the pleasure of meeting in real life. And let me tell you, these girls were all even more beautiful and amazing in real life then they are on their blogs! EEEE! Best times. I had so much fun. I am sad it's all over because I had such a great time! I hope I get to see them all again soon.

After the conference we headed to Everest on Queen West for dinner and drinks. After that a bunch of us went to Rach's and then to the bar! We had a blast. You'd think we've known each other forever!

I was glad to meet bloggers who I've been reading about for so long, and make some new friends too! It felt like we had all known each other for forever or something. During the conference we all tweeted about it, so I got to learn about a lot of other attendees too. I can't wait to go through the Blog Podium book to follow everyones blogs!

Got to spend the day with these beautiful ladies [+guy!] (& so many more!)

♥ carly from miss teacups
♥ holly from holly knitlightly
♥ elycia + ivan from love elycia
♥ eryn from red food colouring
♥ chantilly from my girl thursday
♥ kait from miss kait online
♥ angela from the sunshine memoir
♥ mel from smiles from mel

Hugs & Kisses to you all!

So, as you can see - yesterday was basically the best day ever. Ok, well.. it was just really awesome!
Thank you Blog Podium & thanks to all the great people I met for an amazing day.

Here are some cute photo's from the HomeSense Photo Booth that they had!
[ Photo's are from Mango Studios ]


  1. Loved meeting you! Hope to see you again at BP3!

    1. samezies girl! :) so great - you will definitely see me there:)

  2. Great recap & pictures from the photo booth. Hopefully we'll meet at BP3!

  3. Ahh! I had such a fun day with you ladies! <3. Let's seriously go picnic-ing or something soon!!!

  4. Gosh I get stuck in the worst candid moments, haha.

    You captured this perfectly Julie...I don't even think I'm going to do a re-cap, just send people here to read yours as it just sums it up so nicely. I had SO much fun yesterday...SO much!! I'm sad that it's over already too.

    1. you look so cute in them all!

      hahaha, ok that sounds like a plan! love youuuu the most. and we gotta plan something else soon! xo

  5. I'm so jealous! But so pleased you all had a wonderful time :) If you could all come to England next time, that would be great ;)

    1. we had so much fun kate! wish you could of come. i am down for an england trip with us all to see you! :) hehe

  6. I wish it was Saturday all over again, haha!! I'm soooooo glad we all finally got to meet! So much fun!! Let's make plans for a beach day or something! Picnic! Blue Jay's game! Something! SOON! Haha. Love you girls!!

    1. me too holly! i am so glad too. we had so much fun! all of those things sound amazing :) can't wait to hang with everyone again. xoxo

  7. Such a fun day! I'm bummed I didnt get to sneak into your photobooth pics :(


    1. so fun!!! thanks for having us over too! i am sad you're not in them! :(

  8. How Fun!!! Wish I could have went but I'm in Cali!! Lol! Jules did u read a book or anything when u first started...? Id love to know how you became so knowledgeable yourself! Thx


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