February 16, 2013

the beatles & love & cute

oh hello there!
happy saturday ♥
these past few weeks have been so busy i literally need to catch my breath!
work is in full force busy season so it's been taking up most of my time!
i got really spoiled on valentine's day with cards, candy, and valentine's from my co-workers. not to mention all the boys went around singing love songs to the girls and giving us roses! cutest:)
pete and i had a low key valentine's day this year, i don't care what we do as long as we're together! we had sushi, & wine and watched a scary movie (sinister..omg!)
pete got me the cutest, sweetest most thoughtful gifts (more on these later!)

tonight my big bro took me to the leaf game & they won 3-0  (hooray, best everrrrr)
now i am relaxing, i thought i was over being sick but it turns out i'm not! i've lost my voice. 
last weekend i listened to beatles songs & made these cute little valentine's
cute, eh?!

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