February 25, 2013

the golden rules of social media

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so, one of my awesome co-workers had something up at his desk that totally made me excited. it was a graphic called "the 36 rules of social media" i thought it was so cute! as a self proclaimed social media goddess, this excited me so very much. as much as it can frustrate me sometimes, i really do love social media. i picked out my favourite rules to share with all of you! :)


don't try to be clever. be clever.

always write back.

not everything will work and that's fine.

embrace negative content about your brand.

everyone's an influencer.

update your page! or delete it.

last year: pump out content, this year: optimize content.

don't use ads to prop up boring content. use ads to accelerate successful content.

your fans own your brand.

if you're bored by social media it's because you're trying to get more value than you create.

think past vanity metrics like followers.


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