March 2, 2013

the time i went to abbey road.

so, it's no big secret that i am in LOVE with the beatles!
this past summer when pete and i went to england, there was no way that i was not going to visit the one & only abbey road! - while day dreaming about my next travel adventures, i remembered i still had a few more blog posts from europe i wanted to share. [ better late than never ]
this is the day we went to abbey road!
as soon as we approached it, we saw a big crowd of people gathered there, we were there on a week day at mid-afternoon and i actually got chills. we watched tons of people try to walk across and re-create the famous album cover for abbey road. we saw abbey road studios! & took cute photo's of it, and of course we (me) signed the wall at abbey road studio, it looks like it might be hard for someone to write over so hopefully we will go back some day and see if it's there!
pete and i were lol-ing while trying to walk across and get photo's, keep in mind this is just a regular street so it's hard to wait until there are no cars passing! hehe, too fun!

so here are a few of my abbey road adventures! ♥


  1. this is great! many years ago when i walked across abbey road, i took my shoes off despite the freezing temp. just like paul :)

  2. Ah! That had to have been so exciting! I love the beatles too, I hope someday I get to visit abbey road too!

  3. I'm so jealous!
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  4. SO awesome!!! I am jealous! You two are way too cute!


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