October 10, 2013

becca makes things.

Happy Thursday,
Tonight I am posting about an awesome babe I know named Becca! Becca was an (amazing) intern at my work S-Trip! and I instantly wanted to be her friend. She's funny, adorable, sweet and very talented! She makes things, and you can see so for yourself by checking out her cute-as-can-be blog [Becca Makes Things ] // she's a very talented artist and her blog is always a great place to go to to get your creative juices flowing.

The three photo's below are just a few of the awesome pieces that Becca has created with her awesome graphic design skillz. 

Whales - a project about spacial awareness for her first year Communication Design class;
Seasons - a poster for a poem by Becca's good friend and musician Bea Keeler;

Got Storked - a logo for a Leslieville local named Sasha Mazzuca, who is working on her own business for baby products ;

& here is becca being a total babe...


  1. She's too cute!! And rocking those pants too...dammmmn! I'm definitely going to head over and check out her blog now. LOVE her design work...so fresh and pretty :)

  2. PS: I just visited her blog & did a little post on her work as well...too cute!!


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