November 16, 2014

Unwrapped - Forever 21 Holiday Event!

Happy Sunday // Official kick off to the Christmas season everyone! ♥

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of leading a DIY craft station at the Forever 21 Holiday Event in Toronto. The event was held at an awesome new bar in Toronto called Thoroughbred (the food and drinks were perfection and I can't wait to go back)

This year, Forever 21's events were DIY themed which as you can imagine, is totally me! When the wonderful ladies at ASCPR asked if I could host a DIY Christmas craft station, I was 110% on board. All of the guests of the event got to get crafty with me and got to go home with something creative and sparkly that they made themselves. I loved leading this because I heard so many people say how they aren't crafty or hadn't done a DIY in forever, and after spending some time at the table with all the glitter and bling, they realized just how much fun crafting can be! There was also a cookie decorating station for everyone to decorate their cookie of choice.  #domestic

For our crafts we did Christmas Ornament Bulbs ; the guests of the event got to choose what they wanted to put inside, sequins, sparkles, bells, holly, and F21 jewels that they put inside or took apart and added to the fun! Everyone was so creative and lovely!

They could also stamp mini burlap bags with stamps or hand paint them! Everyone took their creation home in a  brown paper bag that was customized with holiday stamps and a Forever 21 tag.

I am loving the holiday collection at Forever 21, I bought a pretty dress from there to wear at the event and stocked up on all of the most sparkly jewellery ever. I am going to be back soon to pick up a few more dresses for my Christmas parties! I obviously need to wear a different one to each party. Duh!

Below are some photos from the event, mostly my crafting paradise :

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  1. That is soo awesome!! Love your hand writing and your DIY work :)


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