June 14, 2015

Our trip to Galway!

H  A  P  P  Y     S  U  N  D  A  Y ♥

It's been a crazy busy/awesome weekend and I am having a lovely relaxing eve with the babe. I am looking back at photo's from our recent trip to Ireland, and I realized I need to get my act together and finish my posts from our adventures.

Here are some photo's from Galway! Oh I just loved Galway. It's such a sweet and adorable little town. We had about 2 days there, and we stayed in a lovely little place called The Adare Guesthouse. We drank coffee on the little strip, listened to buskers, did some shopping, ate the most amazing irish stew (dying), and went on nice walks around the town.

On our second night in Galway we went to an Open Mic night. We had so much fun there. We had some drinks and after saying we'd only stay for a few acts, we ended up staying the whole night. The performers were so adorable and totally entertaining. We had a lot of laughs and sweet times.

Galway has a really cool vibe to it. The people are friendly, the streets are tiny and cobblestone, the stores are filled with colour, everything is so lush, the buskers are so talented and it's just quaint and cute as can be. 

Also, I wrote two blog posts about Edinburgh, check em out // one + two

Here are some photo's from our Galway adventures:


  1. Gorgeous photos! Also how big is that bed?! Love! I love your view of the world, it makes me so happy. I'm about to catch up on your blog now, expect lots of comments! ;) xx

    1. Awww thanks so much! You are so sweet. It's a king size bed (best ever!) and thanks so much, that is such a sweet thing to say :) The feeling is mutual

      Thanks for all of the love!


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