September 15, 2016

100 days until christmas!

Well if you know me in any capacity then you know my favourite thing in the world is CHRISTMAS. Today marks 100 days until Christmas, and although that doesn't make it all that close, one thing I know is that before you know it, it's here again and then gone just as fast. Just thinking about the coming months and Christmas coming closer makes me SO happy! ♥ - Not going to lie, I've already booked the party room for our Christmas party this year. Last year we kept it pretty low key with our Christmas party because of the wedding, and this year we are going ALL out (obvioussssly)

So, for my fellow Christmas lovers, or maybe even more so the ones who don't love it - here's a round up of some of my favourite Christmas blog posts from the last few years. Enjoy + Keep Christmas with you, all through the year ♥ :

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