October 2, 2016

Sparkle Sleepover Party!

When my sister-in-law Linds told me that my niece Ivy chose "Sparkles" as the theme for her 5th birthday, I must admit I was pretty much jumping for joy! The theme was a sparkle sleepover - the girls came over in their jammies with their favourite stuffy and we had a mock sleepover party (actually the cutest ever)

I've helped decorate and do Ivy's parties for the past few years and it's something I look forward to every year. She's basically the cutest, sweetest little girl and I love her with all my heart! ♥ I happened to have a lot (I mean a lot!) of glitter lying around, especially from all the wedding crafting.  The general idea for decor was just a mish-mash of fun, sparkles, balloons, confetti and all things colourful.

Here's a little break down of what we did for Ivy's 5th birthday!

The Party:
* We made necklaces! (or some of the girls did depending on their attention span!)
* Listened to some sweet tunes! (the kiddies all went crazy for roar by Katy Perry)
* Ate some veggies, popcorn, juice boxes & pizza!
* Put hair chalk in the girls hair for a little spunk!
* I had this cute face glitter/sparkle I put on the girls cheeks!
* We watched The Jungle Book (original disney) while I painted their nails sparkly!

The Treat Bags:
* Bracelet
* Heart stickers
* Gushers
* Bouncy Ball
* Little ring
* Smarties
* Kazoo

The party was a success! Ivy was a little cutie pie as were all her friends and they were all so good! Me, my bro and my sis-in-law were all pretty exhausted at the end but it was such a success. Here are a few little snaps of the set up and the treat bags I put together ♥ :

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