November 19, 2016

(a very cute) $5 DIY gift idea!

Happy Friday, Cutie!

I made this sweet little planter a few weeks ago and was so happy with how it turned out! Since we are very quickly coming up to CHRISTMAS, I thought it would be a fun time to share this sweet and (very very) simple DIY idea! 

I really think this would be such a cute little gift idea. For a co-worker, friend or as a little thank you/hostess gift! And let's be honest, doesn't it feel so great when you MAKE something special for someone? I always love that and find it so thoughtful

You only need 5 things to make this happen:
1. A mini pot (this is from the dollar store! it costed $1)
2. White paint (I used white acrylic paint)
3. A black sharpie
4. A plant or succulent
5. More soil, probably (to get that baby lookin' fresh)

I painted the pot white and did three full coats. Once it dried I drew the eyes and lashes and smile on with a black sharpie. I found this cute little succulent at one of my favourite local markets in our hood in Toronto (it only costed $4!) So what I am saying is that you can make this for $5-$7(ish)dollars

Yay! I am looking forward to decorating our place for Christmas this weekend. ♥ - it's been such a crazy couple of weeks and I am so excited to make this place extra merry. We've got a super busy weekend ahead (including a wedding & the toronto santa clause parade!)

Life is good. Happy Friday! :)

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