April 3, 2017

baby love!

h  a  p  p  y    m  o  n  d  a  y! ♥

Today was a pretty gloomy, dreary Monday here in Toronto but didn't feel so bad. I had a great day! I'm absolutely loving my new job and it was another amazing day at work, and I also got to go to the Penguin Random House office for a Spring Book Launch

This past weekend was very eventful! I feel like we had the perfect mix of fun with family & friends, time together, and chill time (those are the best kinds of weekends) I hosted our monthly girls night at our house so that I could host a little surprise baby shower for my bestie. She's going to be having a baby boy in one month - so excited! 

I took some photo's of the little set up. It was a beautiful sunny day and as always, just perfect to hangout with my bestest friends and shower my #1 girl with love.

I've been to a lot of baby showers at this point and although this one was a bit different because it was so small and at home, I thought I'd share a few tips.

* Don't stick with just one colour! I mean even if you know the sex of the baby, it's still fun to put a spin on the colours to add a little spunk! Carly is having a boy so I chose light blue, mint green, white and yellow as the colours and thought it was nice and bright for Spring.

* Keep it simple! It seems like the evolution of the baby shower means you don't really play many games and the gifts get opened later on. It's nice to just spend time with everyone there, eat, chat and hang. We got to watch Carly open her gifts since there was only six of us, but when it's a larger group it is nice to take that out of the equation.

* Collect the cuteness! I'm one to stock up on cute napkins, plates, and decor as I see it. It's nice to have a mix of different decorations and ones you really love. Sometimes when I'm in search of something really specific I can't find it and wish I had stocked up when I saw it! Nothing worse than regretting not stocking up on cute stuff (lol)

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