July 17, 2017

tips & tricks for busy bees

Well, it's no secret that I've always got a lot on the go and this Summer it seems like it's been crazier than ever! I am using this post partly as a way to remind myself of all these things.

The one crazy thing about Summer is that there is not only so much happening on the weekends, but the week days are just as jam packed! I'm definitely feeling that this Summer. I've done similar posts to this before, but it's something I always like to chat about so here's another. Below are a few of my tips & tricks to stay organized with a crazy and chaotic schedule ♥

c h o o s e   y o u r  "d a y   o f f"
I generally do my best to always have one day out of the week where I don't make any plans. Normally it's Monday, because for me that just makes the most sense and feels right with my schedule. I use Monday's as my day to catch up, plan for the week ahead and relax. This at least guarantees me one ~chill~ night a week too!

w r i t e   i t   a l l   d o w n
I use my bando paper planner to keep track of everything! I've always been one to use a paper planner vs. my iphone for stuff like this. As soon as anything pops up in my schedule I put it in my planner right away. Also, since Pete and I are always filling our schedule with fun plans, I also use a monthly calendar for us and put it up on the fridge to see all our plans in front of us. This has been clutch for keeping track!

t h i n k    a h e a d
Lately I've been all about planning waaaaay ahead, to the point where it seems silly! But, it's nice to be able to make time for everything (ok, most things) and this seems to be the trick. So when there doesn't seem to be any time for certain things in the near future, why schedule it for down the road. It's also wonderful to have lots to look forward to!

t a k e   t i m e   t o   d o   n o t h i n g
This is one I am not always the best at, but am definitely trying to improve on! The past two weekends we had weddings, both of which I was day of coordinating. Since I knew they'd be crazy busy and tiring, I made sure the rest of our weekend was extremely low key and relaxing. We did this both weekends and I have to say it was beyond amazing. I will definitely be more mindful of this and make it a regular thing.

n e v e r   s t o p   w r i t i n g   l i s t s
I actually would not be able to live my life without lists! It's probably one of my favourite activities (hahaha) But, for real - #listlove, I've got a notebook for my daily/weekly to-do lists and such, one for work, one for wedding planning & a few more here and there and in between. I most definitely wouldn't be nearly as organized as I am without all my lists!

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