November 5, 2017

so, you've got an extra hour today!

h a p p y   s u n d a y

So, I have to day - this is one of my favourite Sunday's of the year! For the past few years, on the day the clocks turned back, I made a point to have a very chill and relaxing day. It's proven to be beyond productive for me in the past and now it's almost tradition!

October was such a crazy month. I was really busy, especially with work and I had so much going on week nights and weekends that it definitely got to me in the end. Pete and I both got pretty sick in the past few weeks and are finally feeling good and human again. I find I usually get sick a few times a year and more often than not it's from just doing too much.

So, I basically promised myself that this weekend would be a very quiet and relaxing one. I got to spend time with Pete, and at home for the first time in a while!

& today, with my EXTRA HOUR I have a bunch I plan to do! ♥ Here are a few things to do with your extra hour today. Hope your day is awesome ♥

1 // Get groceries, make something delicious + meal prep. I am hoping to make some french onion soup today & then do a charcuterie with our market fresh goodies from yesterday.

2 //  Start your holiday planning! Today, I am writing out our party invitations, making lists for gift ideas, planning out our calendar for the next few months etc!

3 // Take some photo's during the day! Now that it's going to be (so) dark in the morning and after work, 'tis the season to pre-plan those insta posts. I generally try to take a bunch in the day light on weekends and save them for during the week!

4 // Pamper yourself! Later today I am going to do my nails, have a bath and re-do my lavender/purpley hair! Sunday's are such nice days to 

5 // Read that book! Take an hour or so, to get a coffee or tea, a blanket and curl up and read a book. Today is really gloomy in Toronto so it's actually the perfect day to do this.

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