February 1, 2018

hello february + monthly goals!

Hooray! It's Februaryyyyy! ♥

I have to say, I really love February. It's a good month! Of course, I love it because it's Valentine's day, which is in my top 3 favourite holidays (lolol) but overall it's just good vibes.

We've got a really fun, jam packed month and a lot to look forward to which is always lovely. I started off the month right with an intense Krav Maga (self defense) class at work and I'm feeling really great. 

I used to always post my monthly goals on here and I thought it'd be fun to get these going again. They may be small, but it's all about the little things. So, here we go.

february goals:
+ Send some surprise valentines in the mail
+ Roll out my new blog layout - ooh la la, so excited
+ Spread some anonymous love around Toronto
+ Have a galentines day party with my bffs
+ Have a self-love/self-care day
+ Read The Sun & Her Flowers
+ Watch my favourite classic rom-coms
+ Plan a special surprise for my (very handsome) and funny valentine

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