March 8, 2018

happy international women's day!

H A P P Y    I N T E R N A T I O N A L
W O M E N ' S   D A Y

What a special day! Now, more than ever - it's time to celebrate women from all over the world. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many smart, beautiful, loving and inspiring women in my life. My Mom, Grandma, Mother-in-law, Friends, Co-workers and of course my internet gals/besties! So, today I am sharing some of my internet babbbbbes who are just crushing it, and inspiring me every single day!

This seems like a billion gals, but it's not even close to how many ladies impact me in a posi way every day! I am sorry I couldn't get to everyone but will share more women who inspire me again soon.

// Sarah of Daisy Natives
My internet bestie/twin. We have the same birthday and got married on the same day! Oh, and she runs a business called Daisy Natives! I'm sure you've seen her Girls Support Girls shirts!

// Rachel of Make Lemonade
Rachel is so sweet and lovely.  She recently opened a beautiful co-working space in Toronto for women. I met her a few months ago and am constantly inspired by her positive attitude!

// Becky of Blush & Bloom
Becky is the coolest, most talented flower babe. I met her years ago and when Pete and I got engaged I knew that B&B would create my dream florals and DID THEY EVER! I can't even!

// Lauren of This Renegade Love
Lauren is so f*cking cool. I can say that because it totally matches her brand, which is why I adore her. A real, authentic, inspiring boss babe, and from Toront too so that's a plus!

// Abby of Clothes & Pizza
Abby is pretty much the coolest girl I haven't met yet! She has THE coolest style, had the coolest wedding and rocks the most badass vintage outfits I've ever seen. I hope to meet her soon!

// Tiffany Pratt of Tiffany Pratt
Tiff is literally a walking rainbow. Her instagram is the happiest place ever and it's exactly how she is in real life. She spreads colour, happiness and good vibes where ever she goes! So glad to know her!

// Paige of Studio Bicyclette
Paige is such a lovely, smart, inspiring gal. I first heard about her when she had a shop in my neighbourhood. Now, she kills it with branding and literally making everything beautiful!

// Sylvia of Via Calligraphy
Sylvia is magic. I've been following her and her beauuutiful calligraphy for a while now and am constantly inspired by the incredible things she is doing. She makes everything pretty!

// Lexi of Lexington & Co
Lexi is such a beautiful, fun and badass babe! We've known each other for years and have recently re-connected over our love of weddings and pretty events!

// Jen Gotch of Bando
Jen Gotch is my spirit animal. First of all, she created a brand that is literally everything I love in life. Also, she is so sincere and inspiring when she talks about her struggle with mental health!

// Alexandra Gater of Chatelaine
Alexandra makes everything cute! No, for real she is the home editor at Chatelaine and she makes over spaces and makes them look SO DARN AMAZING! Love following her beauty designs!

// Mavis and Rena of Smithery Style
These two women are so amazing. I was lucky enough to model for them for a photoshoot last year and I'm so glad to know them. They help women find out their body type and embrace it!

// Autumn of Autumn Hachey
Autumn is just so badass. Everything she creates is legit incredible and she's just so fun. I think me and her have similar vibes and I love seeing what adventure she's on next!

// Lynzie of Love by Lynzie
Lynize is an explosion of colour & fun! I'm so glad I met her through the creative Toronto community. I am constantly inspired by her incredible weddings and events. Perfection!

// Ashely of Ashley Hosmer
I've decided that Ashley is my best friend I haven't met yet! This gal is cute af and her house is legit a dream. She has such cool taste, seems amazing and lives in L.A - now that's whats up!

// Blythe of Eleanor & Emilio
Blythe is such a beautiful, sweet and talented gal. Another fellow Toronto lady and always posting and sharing such gorgeous things. I feel like we've got so much in common!

// Kelsey of Kelsey Diane Blog
I don't even remember how Kelsey and I found each other but I'm sure glad we did! We both share the same passion in life - HANSON! She's an adorable mama of three and such a sweetheart!

// Noami of Love Taza
Noami is probably one of the first ever bloggers I discovered. I've been following her on her journey for probably 7-8 years and she's someone I've always looked up to.!

// Diana of Unusually Lovely
Diana is a breathe of fresh air and a pop of colour in my feed. She makes the most beautiful, delicious looking drinks and treats and I love following along with her!

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  1. Thank you so much for including me amongst these amazing women!!!
    You inspire me to be more positive every single day!!! Never change. <3


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