March 11, 2018

no plans forever!

So, if you know me, or have been following me for a while then you definitely know that I am one to really jam pack my schedule. Don't get me wrong, this is the lifestyle I love and thrive on, but this year I've been trying to schedule just as many chill, relaxing days as well.

Last weekend while updating my planner, I realized that this weekend we didn't have any plans. I was almost panicking (lol) and chatting with Pete about what we should do. We ended up deciding on making no "formal' plans but still kept busy doing some stuff on the fly.

I am definitely going to be sure to schedule more weekends like these. They are definitely good for the soul! And even though I ended up doing a lot, it was a very relaxing weekend for sure. Loveeee.

Here are some things I did ended up doing on a weekend with"no plans":
- got my nails done
- started watching season 3 of love on netflix
- watched the raptors win a huge game
- had an afternoon tea + snuggle
- caught up on some wedding planning emails
- did a new blog post
- went for a nice, long walk on queen west
- bought two new pairs of shoes (slip on vans & little booties!)
- checked out a new pizza place in the six called general assembly
- cleaned our room + started a bag for good will
- put together a package for my cousins baby to mail
- went for dinner & drinks at a new place in our hood called convenience
- + got to hang with super awesome pals last minute!
- caught up on sleep (yassss!)
- got some decor for st.patty's day next weekend
- spent some time getting caught up on some work stuff
- drank coffee + baileys
- literally chilled in my comfies reading magazines
- ate a delicious roast dinner (made by my hubby)
- wrote two cards to send via snail mail
- took some photos for instagram for this week
- watched a good (and very sad) movie wind river
- got to spend lots of time with pete and defined chill zone
- & now heading to bed early (it's technically 9pm) to read!

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