August 6, 2018


h a p p y   m o n d a y
I had to do a quick post today on this holiday Monday, mostly to reflect on my last week! Specifically last Monday when I got to do a talk all about happiness at an event in Toronto called Happy on Mondays 

I met Mimi a few months back who is the wonderful founder behind this movement, which is basically encouraging people do follow their dreams and do what they love. The goal is to find a job that makes you happy (event on Mondays!)

When Mimi asked me to speak at her event, I immediate said yes! A 15 minute talk all about how I live a live filled with happiness? Yes please! So, I did just that. I created a presentation all about the things I love, and that make me happy. I talked about growing up happy, past jobs, jobs I loved, jobs I hated and jobs I didn't get. I ended it with talking all about how much I love my current job as Culture Specialist (Happiness Officer) and how I've literally found my dream job.

The people in the crowd were incredible. They laughed and smiled and gave me so many warm and fuzzy feelings.  Afterward I got such an overwhelming response from people coming to chat with me, connecting with me + following me and it was just fantastic. I was even happier than usual all day and all week! 

I've been feeling an overwhelming amount of gratitude lately because life is just so so good. Having the opportunity do this talk as well as a job that's main purpose is to make other people happy is just too good to be true. I am just so thankful for all the amazing things in my life and felt the need to make sure I blogged about it! (lol)


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