February 21, 2019

tell me something good

hello beautiful + happy fridayyyyyy

I am backkkk, and it may be a miracle but I am doing more than one blog post in a week (say whaaaat? no way, giiiiirl)

Good news y'all; Spring is officially less than one month away! (Seems a lot further here in Toronto that's for sure) and boy am I ever ready for some flowers + sunshine.

I love doing these little wrap ups of good things that are happening around the internet and beyond and thought it's been pretty gloomy lately so this is probably a good time to share one.

g o o d     t h i n g s :

Won't You Be My Neighbor? // Watch! this! movie! It has honestly had such a massive impact on me. Mr.Rogers was the most amazing human and is such an inspiration to me. I can't stop/won't stop learning more about all he did, and my next podcast episode will be all about him!

The Marriage Episode of Confetti Culture // Pete and I had so much fun recording an episode of my podcast together. Pete is a natural and we were lol-ing and had a blast doing this together, because I am convinced everything we do together is pretty much awesome. You should give it a little listen!

My Hubby has been bloggin' // Pete has also been writing for an amazing men's lifestyle brand called Cyties. He's talking about some of his favourite Toronto spots and his articles are pure fire. We got to meet and hang with the incredible dudes behind Cyties while in LA and it was so fun.

Pressed News // What an amazing thing this is! Pressed News is a daily newsletter that takes all the things you need to know in the world, and writes it in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. I've honestly been reading it every day and am really loving it.

28- Day Self-Love Checklist // I am all about the self-love in 2019, or trying to be anyway. I love this post that Glitter Guide did with a magical self-love checklist. Read it, do it.

The Oscars // Anyone who knows me knows how much I love award shows. Like, for real I live for this shit. Love the red carpet, seeing celebs interact and just having an excuse to hang with my bro and Mikey and make a mean charcuterie board, hehe.

Miley's Love Letter to Liam // I am obsessed with Miley. She is a queen and I just want to hangout with her. Her and Liam's love kinda makes me want to (happy) cry and I friggin' loved her love letter to him on his birthday!

Workin' Moms // I kept hearing that this show was awesome but just couldn't get around to watching it. Then it got added to Netflix and all of our lives got so much easier. I've been LOLing so much and am loving it. HUGE bonus; it is filmed in Toronto and actually takes place here (as in, they are trying to pretend it's NYC or something)

Always looking on the bright side of things and hope this makes your Friday sparkle.

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