December 24, 2009

christmas traditions.

hello loves,
happy christmas eve! (even though it is technically christmas RIGHT NOW)

i had an amazing time with pete and his family,
he spoiled me SOOOOOO much & so did his fam.
i will explain in detail (and pictures) later of all the goodies i got.
i'm the luckiest girl alive, i swear.

for my christmas eve post, i thought i would post a couple of my
christmasy traditions/christmas favourites ;

christmas crackers! ; every year we have christmas crackers ; when i was little i would go around a collect all the prizes from everyone. we are also totally into wearing the cute hats that come with them- in more recent years, we've had a competition to see who can keep theirs on the longest

christmas vacation ; ever since i can remember we watched christmas vacation on christmas eve or christmas day - with the whole fam present. it never gets old, i swear!

baileys ; a very popular drink around the holidays in the ross household. baileys on ice, with a bit of milk and cinnamon - yes please!

clementines ; one of my favvvvvourite fruits. every year we get clementines at christmas.  i love the smell of them, and just everything about them really.

my christmas party! ; i used to have them when i was a bit younger. but in the last 3 years i have really dedicated myself to an exciting, themed christmas party/night of fun.

christmas cartoons ; i love every christmas movie/special - but i really adore all the old animated christmas specials like - flintstones, charlie brown, grinch, smurfs, animaniacs, rudolph, frosty, etc etc :)

hanson (snowed in) ; i don't care what anyone says. best christmas cd, ever.

opening one gift on christmas eve ; we did this a lot when i was younger. it was usually a gift from one of my brothers, we all couldn't wait so we'd open atleast one

a big bacon & eggs breakfast ; every year we make a yummy bacon and eggs breakfast, with fresh fruit, toast,juice, coffee/tea - i love looking around at the after math of christmas morning while eating some breaky.

laying my presents on my bed ; every year since i was a little girl, i would make my bed all nice and neat and display all my new gifts on my bed, that way i could show everyone all the amazing things i got. i know it's silly but i still do it.

board games ; usually every year on christmas we play a board game, and it's usually the kids vs the parents. (we always win though)

sleeping in my big brothers' room ; when i was a kid, every christmas eve i used to sleep in my brothers room. i would have a sleeping bag a pillow parked right between their beds! it was always my favourite thing!

anyway, there's a few. lovelovelove.
i am beyond exhausted..
i gotta go to bed now, i am waking up early to do a few more things to get prepared for the big day at our house!!!

merry christmas to all

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  1. Aw what cute traditions!! I love them all! I adore christmas cartoon specials too!! My sister just confessed that she ate an entire bag of clementines this evening, so your mention of them made me giggle a little! Merry Christmas to you too!!


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