January 28, 2019

things to do when it's cold af outside

h a p p y    m o n  d a y

// It's really, really cold (and snowy!) in Toronto. Today felt like -20 and we're still in the process of getting a big snowfall. Not gonna lie, in some ways I really love it! But, I've gotta say - I am truly enjoying these cozy, chilly, calm moments at home during the dark days of winter.

Every day that passes by I'm reminded of all the things to do during these frigid cold days. We had a very chill, but productive weekend and I feel like it was truly the perfect mix of relax + get sh*t done. The cold had me thinking of a post to share about 25 things to do when it's v cold out:

1. have one seriously magical bubblebath
2. spend time looking through your cookbooks
3. play a board game, or several!
4. go through old photos + organize them
5. put together a surprise package to send to someone you love
6. have a tea party, and why not add cookies?
7. listen to old CD's/albums and ~feel~ that nostalgia
8. stay in your PJ's and read a good book
9. bake something delicious you've always wanted to make
10. discover (and fall in love) with some new podcasts
11. re-watch your favourite movies
12. have a friends marathon (let's be honest, this is good for all seasons)
13. invite a pal over for an inspiration/crafty session
14. make a french press of coffee and keep filling her up
15. visit a coffee shop in your hood with a notebook and good book
16. marie kondo your home and do a good little purge
17. make a beautiful, delicious charcuterie board
18. call your mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/old friend/bestie
19. make a list of goals + dreams
20. do research to plan your next trip/big adventure
21. pamper yourself by doing your nails, face masks, and beyond
22. go for a (little) walk to get some fresh air/get out of the house
23. take some photo's in the beautiful, bright sunlight
24. get crafty and create something, because that's the best
25. light some candles/palo santo, and meditate +/or find your zen

January 24, 2019

palm springs, i love you.

 P  A  L  M       S  P  R  I  N  G  S
Omg, okay I love Palm Springs! Pete and I were both pretty pumped to add this to our list of places to visit during this years California trip. I sure am glad we went there because it did not disappoint.

PS is such a cool place, very one of a kind and of course a huge reason I loved it and wanted to visit was all of the beautiful colours. The archiecture and vibe is just amazing, we were totally in awe and definitely took so many photos!

The people were so nice and friendly and we were honestly all smiles during our time there.

This was the only place where we stayed in hotels (the other locations using air b+b and hopper) but I think we did an awesome job finding the perfect places to stay. We're a super solid team when it comes to that.

During our time in Palm Springs we stayed at The Riviera and The Saguaro, both of which were pure *magic*.  The Riviera was huge, and so beautiful inside! Really cool interiors and a fun, colourful lobby, and really big, nice pools. We had so much fun swimming in the sunshine and in the evening while staying there! The Saguaro, for obviously reasons was my choice dream. The hotel is literally a rainbow, the rooms are so fun and colourful, and the lobby is filled with happy, colourful things like a glass case of vintage barbies and a ping pong table. 


Mr Rex's Dinosaur Adventure // Such a cool spot and awesome views. We didn't pay to go in (and I don't think you should either, lolz)
El Jefe // Cute little mexican restaurant in the Saguaro. We had a delicious dinner and some damn good margaritas there!
Icecream + Shop // Legit the cutest Icecream parlour with an adorrrrable little shop inside, they're famous for their neon #palmspringsisbetter sign!
Draughtsman // Really beautiful restaurant/pub with delicious food, happy hour  deals + fun games outside. Loved the vibe!
Ace Hotel //  Love any Ace Hotel really! but this was an awesome spot. The whole look of it was so rad, and we obvi had to do photobooth photos!
King's Highway // The restaurant inside the Ace is cool AF. A pretty basic menu but again, really lovely staff and I had a delicious classic breakfast with damn good hash browns.
Thick As Thieves // Obsessed with this shop. Cutest shop we found in Palm Springs tbh. Got an adorable pennant and really cool fortune telling book there.
Norma's // Absolutely beautiful spot for brunch inside The Parker Hotel, probably the best brunch we've ever had. We felt very famous while there, and the staff were *the* best!
Moorten Botanical Garden // We absolutely loved this ($5 to get in!) and so many incredible, unique plants everywhere. Great photo ops for sure.
Birba // The most delicious food (the pizza was bomb!) and the service was so good. I love all of the outdoor patios that L.A has, with their heaters and everything! So good.
The Shops at 1345 // The beautiful building (with pretty pink walls) is filled with all sorts of amazing vendors inside. Decor, clothing, vintage, and everything in between
Elvis' Honeymoon House // We went to look at the outside but the tours were pretty pricey. The house is SO cool and legit in one of the coolest neighbourhoods ever.

Palm Springs is really just a dream. We had so much fun walking around and I was  definitely spending all my time drooling and reacting to all the cute, colourful things. My new favourite flower that is literally everywhere is called Bougainvillea and it's simply wonderful.

Palm Springs is amazing, and you should go there.              

January 18, 2019

2018 wrap up

Oh hey there! We're more than half way through January and I am feeling so good about this year. Perhaps even more so than ever I am setting goals, dreams, and trying to collect all of my thoughts and ideas.

I realize more and more every year how much I like to really take my time with these kinds of things, and have accepted that don't always happen within the first few weeks of the year.

2018 was good to me. Looking back, I feel so warm and fuzzy about so many of the moments I had.  I wanted to reflect a bit on a really lovely year. Here are some things below...

Some of the things I completed from the 18 for 2018 list:
// go to trivia night // get a massage // go on a trip to montreal // revamp my blog // go to karaoke // get new glasses // go on a road trip // colour my hair pastel pink // start my own podcast // get my nails done at her majesty's pleasure //  go on a little weekend trip with my mama

Some other great things that happened in 2018:
Gave the blog a little makeover, planned an amazing charity event at work (and raised $50K for SickKids, Went on a girls weekend trip to PEC with my mama, Had some amazing cabin weekends with the fam, Went to Montreal for the weekend with the hubs, Celebrated two years of wedded bliss, Planned a surprise pizza party for Pete's birthday, Cheered on England in the World Cup, Had a few Buffalo shopping trips with my besties, Got to speak at a few really cool events, Had one of my favourite birthdays ever, LAUNCHED MY OWN PODCAST, Saw (and died for) Florence + The Machine, Had so many of the most special, meaningful moments with Pete, family, friends, colleagues, and so many new great people too.

A few of my favourite blog posts from the year:

Next up, 2019 goalsssss!

January 9, 2019

new year, new me! (lol, jk!)

Happy New Year, Beautiful!

2019 is here and it feels like the whole world is happy about it! I won't lie, 2018 was really good to me. Like every year, it came with ups and downs, but when I look back all that happened I feel really warm + fuzzy inside.

Christmas was just magical (as always) and I am lucky enough to get a lot of time off around Christmas and new years at work! This year Pete and I decided to go back to California again during this time (since we just love it there so much!) and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Our trip was a dream, truly. If you follow me on Instagram then you know it was filled with sunshine, colours, laughs, sparkles, shopping, happy hour, delicious food, and exploring! I will do a California post or two in the coming weeks too.

I'm also planning on doing a 2018 wrap up blog post, because seflishly it's something I really like to do to reflect on the past year. It's also something I've done for a while and it's sort of become a tradition for me on this blog.

With all that is going on in my life, I am not ready to give this blog up just yet. Sure, the posts come in waves or don't come at all, but I've accepted that. I've also realized that as long as it's still something I love to do and look forward to doing then it's all worth it!

I am feeling so inspired and refreshed after one of my favourite trips ever! I'm looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow (omg, seriously though I love my job and can't wait to see everyone) and this weekend I plan to set some goals, choose my word(s) of the year and do some content planning! Hope everyone had a magical holiday season! HAPPY NEW YEAR BB!

December 10, 2018

the gift guide for a cozy holiday

Hey beautiful! I'm still here, I promise ♥

It has been a crazy, yet so wonderful couple weeks and I am just watching a breath! Currently curled up by the Christmas tree with my boo, watching Christmas SNL and enjoying a quiet night since those tend to be few and far between around this season.

I planned a huge friends and family event at work last week and then Pete + I hosted our annual Christmas party on Saturday (so fun!) Yesterday was perfect. We went out for a coffee, and got our gifts for each other for this year (we bought moccasins! perf) and then spent the day snuggled up watching Christmas movies, writing out cards and having a picnic charcuterie. *Magic*

As I was curating a Secret Santa gift for my work's SS exchange, it got me thinking of a few ideas of a gift guide! Simple little things for a cozy holiday/winter season!

1 // murphy + jo candle - I keep seeing these amazing candles all over the city. Not only do they look pretty, but they smell incredible too. Oh, and they're from Toronto AND they make a donation from every candle to Save Our Scruff.

2 // field notes - When in doubt, a nice notebook is always a good idea. People love gearing up and getting inspired for a new year, and what better than a blank slate? Picked up some up for a gift from Phillistine here in our hood.

3 // palo santo - Literally my favourite scent in the entire world. Palo Santo reminds me of all things good (especially Cali, which we're heading back to in a few weeks!) You can get some nice PS from a local shop in Toronto called Crown Flora

4 // a cozy blanket - Can't go wrong with a nice throw or blanket. We have so many but I love them all for different reasons. I love the palette on these simple ones from West Elm.

5 // the little book of lykke - You know how much I love The Little Book Of Hygge, well Lykke is just as magical and I loved it so much! I got to meet with author Meik this year and it made me adore him even more.

6 // kitten + the bear jam - Oooh baby, K+B had a really cute booth yesterday at the blush+bloom holiday market. I picked up a delicious (and beautiful) jam and a pack of scone mix. Such a cute idea as a little gift! Love!

Oh, and I am doing pretty good on my Christmas To-Do List! I'll post an update soon! xo