April 15, 2017

self love + smithery style!

o h      h e y    g o r g e o u s !!! 
It's me, Jules! I'm alive & well and keeping busy as a bee as per usual. I've been wanting to do this post for weeks but it was a very special one and something I did not want to rush!

In February I was lucky enough to be chosen by the incredible ladies from Smithery Style to take part in their Spring Photoshoot! I was beyond honoured to be asked to do this, and was so intrigued because of what Smithery is all about.

Self Love is a phrase I've been hearing a lot of lately, along with Self Care. They are both so important to living a happy, care free life in the skin you're in. This is definitely something important to me and something I've also struggled with for a long time. I've always been more of a curvy lady and on some days I embrace it and love it, and others I feel sad and disappointed with the way I look. It's definitely easier said than done to feel confident and proud of the way you look at times. Places like Smithery help women feel confident and proud about what they wear - and I just love that!

Mavis and Rena are the beautiful and inspiring women behind Smithery Style and I am beyond thankful I've connected with them and learned what their brand is all about. It was nice to try something new and step outside my usual fashion choices (dresses!)

You can use the Shape Finder on their website to find out your shape and learn more about the best, most flattering styles for you. I loved learning more about my shape and different pieces that would be a good fit for me. 
Who are Smithery? "We're a Canadian e-boutique where the best Go-To's for every body shape are curated, styled, and modeled on real women. As stylesmiths, we're taking the guesswork out of style, size, and fit by supplying the measurements for every model and every item in every size. Our favourite part? Each Smithery box comes with styling tips for your new finds."
When the ladies asked me to be a model for their Spring shoot, I was over the moon! I was so inspired by all the creative, sweet and inspiring women who were there that day! It was a full day of fun with pretty outfits, photography, laughs and confetti! I got to wear a number of different outfits (including PANTS which I never ever wear) I loved playing dress up, and trying new things.

We had such a blast and I left feeling better than ever. I got to meet lots of amazing (new) boss babes too, all these beautiful humans were a part of our wonderful day:

Leisse from Leisse Wilcox
Natalie from Nest Design Studio
Lisa from Le Dolci
Laurel from Mint Floral Co
Photos by Lauren Miller 
Hair by Aylin Carolina

This day and the whole experience was super uplifting. I am going to continue to embrace my curves and body and make taking care of myself and feeling (and looking) good a priority for me. I signed up for a gym membership and am taking weekly classes at work too. I've also been doing some meditating (which I am loving) and am just trying to spend more time relaxing, unwinding and being unplugged.

Oh, and the best part? I am offering you $20 OFF any purchase $100 or more - head to Smithery Style and use the code HEYJULES at check out! 

April 3, 2017

baby love!

h  a  p  p  y    m  o  n  d  a  y! ♥

Today was a pretty gloomy, dreary Monday here in Toronto but didn't feel so bad. I had a great day! I'm absolutely loving my new job and it was another amazing day at work, and I also got to go to the Penguin Random House office for a Spring Book Launch

This past weekend was very eventful! I feel like we had the perfect mix of fun with family & friends, time together, and chill time (those are the best kinds of weekends) I hosted our monthly girls night at our house so that I could host a little surprise baby shower for my bestie. She's going to be having a baby boy in one month - so excited! 

I took some photo's of the little set up. It was a beautiful sunny day and as always, just perfect to hangout with my bestest friends and shower my #1 girl with love.

I've been to a lot of baby showers at this point and although this one was a bit different because it was so small and at home, I thought I'd share a few tips.

* Don't stick with just one colour! I mean even if you know the sex of the baby, it's still fun to put a spin on the colours to add a little spunk! Carly is having a boy so I chose light blue, mint green, white and yellow as the colours and thought it was nice and bright for Spring.

* Keep it simple! It seems like the evolution of the baby shower means you don't really play many games and the gifts get opened later on. It's nice to just spend time with everyone there, eat, chat and hang. We got to watch Carly open her gifts since there was only six of us, but when it's a larger group it is nice to take that out of the equation.

* Collect the cuteness! I'm one to stock up on cute napkins, plates, and decor as I see it. It's nice to have a mix of different decorations and ones you really love. Sometimes when I'm in search of something really specific I can't find it and wish I had stocked up when I saw it! Nothing worse than regretting not stocking up on cute stuff (lol)

March 27, 2017

spring cleaning check list

You guyssss! It's finally Spring! Even though it hasn't exactly been feeling like it in Toronto, I think we're finally (almost) getting there. Annnnd, with Spring time comes Spring cleaning! (and shopping, lol) I thought it'd be fun to come up with a Spring cleaning check list, mostly so I can use it for myself as well.

I broke it down to four main categories for y'all. These were just a few things of the top of my head, but also things I like to do and plan to do this Spring!

Here's another idea to keep in mind while you're doing your Spring cleaning -- keep anything that you don't necessarily want or need but don't want to get rid of. Save these things like makeup, toiletries, books, magazines, clothes etc and plan a swap with friends! I'm planning a little something with the girls from my work and we're all going to bring in stuff we want to swap. I think everyone has stuff lying around that they bought that just didn't work for them, but they feel they don't want to throw it away so they hold on to it!

So there you go! Plan a little swap with pals and then get on this cleaning list and you'll be feeling pretty darn productive.

kitchen //

  • Clean out the entire fridge! Take everything out - throw out anything that is expired, or just not needed. Take this time to spray down and clean the actual fridge too.
  • Take everything off the counter for a good scrub down
  • Clean out the food cupboard & pantry - throw away any stale, unused food and refresh the layout of the cupboard so that there's more room and everything is accessible!
  • Junk drawer - if you've got one of these take everything out! Throw away any of the random things you've managed
  • Do inventory - what do you need?! Also, what do you now have ROOM for after that big clean out? Stock up on spices, food, and anything other things to make your kitchen dreams come true.
  • Switch out any sponges, cloths and towels with new, fresh, bright ones!

living room //

  • Go through books and magazines! Maybe you'll find something that re-sparks your interest and the time is right to read it now. Look through your magazines to see if there are any articles you really liked and save them (I always do this!) Recycle or donate any magazines or books you no longer want or need.
  • Wash and freshen up your cushions and blankets. Follow instructions accordingly to wash your blankets and pillow cases to freshen them up.
  • Dust those bunnies, baby! I just (finally) bought a new duster for our shelves and books in our living room. Take everything off the shelves for a wipe down and dust!
  • Giving your living room a little update never hurt anyone either. Swap out any candles, plants, dishes, or knick knacks that might add some more Spring flair to your home.
  • Buy some new plants (and fresh flowers of course) to add that extra spark to your living room!

washroom //

  • Get under that sink and go through those baskets and bins! I actually do this every month or so because with limited space (and no linen closet!) this can get out of control fast. Throw away anything you don't want or use and if there is something that's a good product and you just don't want it, save it for that toiletry swap!
  • Scrub the tub and toilet (to the max) because it's one of those things we probably don't do as often as we want to! Bonus -- take a bath afterwards once it's so nice & clean!
  • Makeup overhaul! this is something that can get out of control pretty quick (haha) but every few months it's great to go through your makeup, clean it and throw away anything you don't need. Also, a good time to bust out some of those bright Spring/Summer shades in preparation for the new season!
  • Wash and replace all your towels. Obviously the washing happens often and not every season, but it's nice to start fresh and switch some towels out for a while after using the same ones often! All the more reason to have nice, fluffy towels on the regular.

bedroom //

  • Wash your sheets, bedding & pillows! Because honestly, what is better than snuggling into bed with nice, warm clean sheets?
  • Do a once over of your bedside tables! Wipe them down, spruce them up with new books, sprays and goodies. I always love changing mine up every so often and as the seasons change.
  • Organizer your dresser drawers -- oh my goodness my top drawer can get pretty hectic pretty easily so I always try to go through it every few months
  • Go through your closet and donate anything you don't want or need, as well as switch out your winter gear for your Spring and Summer stuff!
  • Get some new candles and sprays to keep everything smelling fresh, always.
  • Open those windows, let some fresh air in and fill the room with some flowers and plants!

March 25, 2017

travel dreamin'

OH HEY THERE! Happy Saturday Y'all ♥

So, I've gotta say that I'm really feeling the travel itch right now! Pete and I had a chat the other night about our next adventure (which made me SO excited of course) We looked at our schedules roughly for the year to see when can find time to go away.

We're thinking of taking a trip between Christmas and New Years this year - which is so exciting and something we've actually never done before. Pete and I both get the whole week off during this time so we thought it'd be perfect.

So, now the fun part! Deciding where to travel to next! Pete and I have been lucky enough to take lots of fun trips over the years and it's something we always really look forward to. We've just slowly started doing some research about our next adventure but I'm already so excited. We've still got lots of places on our bucket list and I'm looking forward to learning more in the next while.

Where do you want to travel to next?!

(san fransisco)

1 // colombia via style me pretty living
2 // hawaii via
3. // greece via the londoner
4. // san francisco via new york elegance
5. // portugal via pinterest

March 19, 2017

feels like home

Oh hello there! Happy Sunday + I swear I'm still here despite my lack of posts lately! Between the new job, and an abnormally busy February & March, there hasn't been much time for blogging.

Buuuut, here I am! I wanted to share a little "sneak peak" of some pictures of our new house! We've been here for about two & a half months now and things are just lovely. It's truly feeling like "home" which is so great. Pete and I are both ready for the warmer weather so we can fix up our patio and be able to spend time outside!

Pete and I were pretty quick to gets things set up and get settled in. Sure, there are a few things here and there that we'd like to do but for the most part we're nestled in just right. No more boxes or things without a home, things are really coming together.

Since it's almost Spring (omg, finalllllly!) I feel like I will definitely be in the mood for another big clean out and purge. I already started a bag filled with clothes to donate and I am so ready for a nice, fresh Spring cleaning sesh! Also, can we just talk about how excited we are about longer days, sunshine and fresh flowers? YES please!

So, more coming soon for sure - but for now here are a few snaps from our new home. All from our main floor for now! More to come soon, and some more blog posts too - I promise! ♥