November 14, 2018

christmas tips from a girl who loves christmas

Oh hello there! All of the sudden we're half way through Novemeber and OMG, what? how? This is bananas. If you've been reading my blog or following me for a while then you know how much I LOVE Christmas (actually, love is an understatement) and since I want everyone to be as stoked as Christmas as me, I thought I'd share some fun posts. This one is about getting ready for Christmas early to ensure maximum happiness and organization throughout the season!

// plan out your holiday schedule: planning is happening in full force in the whish household that's for sure! we chose our christmas party date in like early october (lol) and i've been filling our shared calendar and my planner up day by day and trying to squeeze everything in. two things i never seem to have a dedicated day for - christmas card making + christmas baking day (hopefully changing that this year!)

// get your invites out early: my goal is to always be the first party/celebration on peoples lists! haha. but for real, you need to plan ahead for these types of things since people have such jam packed schedules. lock in those amazing plans people, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

// pay attention to online sales + deals: ok, so i have to admit i tend to get to a point where i ignore literally every email i get with online deals and sales. howeverrrrr, i will say that at this time of year it's time to pay attention to what's on sale where and where all the awesome deals are! that way, if there is a gift you're on the hunt for, you have an idea of the best place to get it. time to open those emails, hit up some promo codes and see where the deals at.

// start shopping early: this year, more than ever before i am all about shopping early. i'd say i'm already about 60% done my shopping and babbby, it feels good. i'll admit that i never quite want to be at the point where i'm 100% done shopping by like end of november or something. because to me, part of the fun is definitely the idea of that last minute hustle and bustle (and trying to spread a little joy and kindness during this time)

// order/purchase your cards now: i placed our order for our christmas cards and labels this week to make sure they arrive by end of november. i tend to go a bit overboard on the number of cards i send out (shocking, i know!) and i scrounge last minute to ensure they are all written out, filled with cute stickers, mailed etc. there are so many cool places that do custom cards like vistaprint, parabo press and minted.

// pick up hostess gifts: i love bringing a little something to our friends or family members who are hosting festive parties, events etc. while i'm out and about or shopping online i keep my eyes peeled for a nice, meaningful yet reasonably priced gift. things i love or have done in the past ; baked goods, homemade baileys, cookbooks, wine, a nice candle or some homemade baked goods!

// make your lists and check them twice: how can one prepare for the season of all seasons without making lists? i live for this sh*t! and i've been listing away prepping for my favourite time of year. list of people to write out cards to, lists of fun things to do at christmas, lists of gifts to buy, lists of crafts to do and so much more!

November 1, 2018

tell me something good + happy november

g  o  o  d     t  h  i  n  g  s

Happy first day of November! I've been getting in the habit of doing little updates more often and it's been lovely. So much happens between my posts and it's nice to kinda share some love and fun about what's happening in my life.

Here are some good things to share with y'all:

// Cali Love - Pete and I are in planning mode and are so pumped. We've booked our flights, car, and places to stay for most destinations and I am honestly beyond excited to go back to California! More about our trip and plan coming soon!

// Podcastin' - On Monday I took a fun workshop on launching a podcast. Yes, I already have one but there is so much more to learn and that really inspired me to get my sh*t together and there are lots of exciting things to come.

// #BOOKS - I am SO excited because this weekend I am going to the Penguin Books Warehouse sale with my big bros. My brother Dave works at Penguin and is taking us. Books are cheap cheap cheap and I am gong to stock up for the winter and for gifts too!

// Target - Ohhhh baby. I have no words to describe how excited I am to go to Target. I am heading there next weekend with my bffs and I can't wait for a girls road trip and trip to Buffalo featuring several Target locations (we're obsessed)

// Netflix - Ok I know Halloween is over but if you like scary stuff, you should definitely watch The Haunting Of Hill House. Pete and I watched it and I personally thought it was SO good. But also really really really scary so don't say I didn't warn you!

// Hygge Sundays - Now that it's officially fall weather and the days are getting shorter and it's all chilly out, it's time for hygge season! Pete and I are starting a new thing where Sundays are hygge days! We drink coffee, clean, make dinner, get cozy, and enjoy perfectly lovely and quiet moments together.

October 18, 2018

cosy bedroom vibes with parabo press

Ohhh baby, fall is finally here. Not sure about where you live, but here in Toronto September-October is this kinda awkward time where none of us know if it's going to be hot af or starting to get chilly. We had some really random hot days in October that served no purpose other than to truly confuse the heck out of all of us!

But, it seems as though fall is finally here, in fact the last few days have really been quite chilly. I'm talkin' time to wear slippers inside and put extra blankets on the bed kinda chilly.

We're getting our home ready for hygge season and that means little new additions and ways to switch it up and make sure we're even cosier than ever before.

Pete and I were trying to decide what to put above our bed. We knew we needed some sort of print or photo but couldn't decide. After looking through some photos of last years trip to Joshua Tree we realized that was the *exact* print that would be perfect for our above our bed (so we can dream about Joshua Tree every night, obviiiiii)

As soon as we decided on the photo to get printed, I hit up my favourite place to print beautiful photos - Parabo Press! What a dream. And since I am such a visual, crafty, kitschy kind of gal I still absolutely love to get actual prints made. Nowadays it's so tough to even find a place that prints photos, and this is a way to not only do that, but do it from your own home (while in your jammies!)

I'm always beyond excited to receive my prints from Parabo and this was no different. The packaging is beautiful and so unique and the quality of the photos are top notch. This print turned out perfectly and it was just what our room needed. 

If you've been saying forever that you want to get some prints done, then let's make it happen! You can use my code HEYXO for 25% off your prints // offer valid until October 31st!


October 15, 2018

we're goin' back to cali + travelling back to a place you love

Hi all, Jules here! It's been a hot minute but I'm still here with a whole lotta love to give to you. Life is good, and I am so incredibly happy that fall is finally here. Looking forward to cosy, chill nights and home and for life to slow down a bit.

I am soooooo beyond excited to say that Pete and I booked our next trip! Omg. I've been totally dreaming of our next adventure since it's been close to a year since we went on a big trip. Pete and I really loved going away after Christmas last year. It was actually our first time going away during that time and it was actually perfect.

I get the week + a bit between Christmas and new years off of work, and it seemed like the perfect reason to get away for a while! I especially really loved it because, well I am not too sure if you knew this but - I really really really love Christmas (lol). And well, I kinda get really sad after it's all over. Having our Cali trip to look forward to really brightened my spirits and gave me something to look forward to once Christmas was over.

We la la la loved California (like, so much!) and had an incredible trip. We went to Venice Beach, San Diego, Joshua Tree + Silver Lake (L.A) - when chatting about where we'd go this year, we talked about how much we loved Cali, so much that we'd be down to go back and re-visit the places we really loved! And you know what is super underrated? Travelling back to a place you LOVE! Sooo, we did it! We booked our flights and our next adventure starts December 28th!

We're adding Palm Springs + probably a few other places to the list this time around. I am so so excited and thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite photos I took the last time we were in California.

Have you ever loved a place so much that you've decided to go back?

October 3, 2018

my happiness podcast - confetti culture

Oh hey there, it's been a while! This seems to be the case pretty often these days, but hey that's life and I am totally okay with it.

I thought I'd do a little update about my podcast since this is a new thing happening in my life that I am la la la loving. Although I have only recorded five episodes so far, I am so proud of myself for even doing that. I wasn't sure if I'd ever actually do it even though it was something I really wanted to do.

Between my full time job (which I am still loving by the way!), spending time with the hubs, family + friends, podcasting, exploring Toronto etc it hasn't left much time for blogging unfortunately. But, as the seasons change and Fall and Winter are approaching I am definitely planning for my down time, especially time at home -- and usually these are the months I get back into my blogging groove!

My podcast is called Confetti Culture and I am honestly learning as I go. I am getting more comfortable with recording (and listening to the sound of my own voice) more and more and have a lot of fun ideas for episodes to come.  I think I am most excited to start having some guests on my podcast (especiallyyyyy Pete!)

Here's a bit about what my episodes have been based on so far:

Episode One // An intro ep! - In my first episode, I am basically just getting used to talking and not hating every second of it. I list all of (ok a lot of) the things that I love and just kinda introduce myself to the podcast world!

Episode Two // Finding a job you love! - People ask me about my job really often, and since it's such a unique role and one that is so special to me, I thought it would be fun to talk about the different roles I had and how I got where I am + tips on doing what you love.

Episode Three // Why Toronto makes me happy! -
I love living in the city so much and I love suggesting places to people and telling them all the reasons this city makes me so happy. I talk about some of my favourite places and why Pete and I chose to stay downtown and not move to the burbs.

Episode Four // Finding happiness on the internet! -
The internet can be a very weird place. There are things that make us question our lives, inspire us, upset us and most of all make us happy. On this episode I talk all about how to find happiness online and how so many great people are out there to inspire you.

Episode Five // Jules shares some happiness hacks! -
I love keeping track of all my favourite little happiness hacks that I have learned over the years and in this episode I talk about some small, simple things we can all do to live a life filled with happiness and positivity.