November 27, 2016

Hey Jules Christmas To-Do List!

h a p p y   s u n d a y ////
So, this weekend was legit insane. It was so lovely, so great. It's officially Christmas time because 'tis the season where I plan a million things in one weekend so I can make sure I get to do everything. Friday night my cutie pie niece Ivy slept over and we watched Christmas movies and did crafts! Saturday I went for a walk to do some Christmas shopping and then met my bestie her her fam at the one of a kind show! It was pretty good, and I managed to buy some Christmas gifts from my favourite vendors. After the show Pete and I headed to meet up with friends for festival specials and then the lighting of the big Christmas tree downtown. Today we went to see our new house again (ah, yay!) and had a nice visit with our parents and my bro and Mikey. I've spent the rest of today getting out more Christmas decorations and also starting to pack (about 3 weeks to go!) - Now, Pete is at the Grey Cup and I am (finally) watching Gilmore Girls(!!!)

Every year I come up with a Christmas To-Do List to keep me on track for maximum Christmas cheer, because this is obviously something very important to me, lol. Here's this years edition:
  • Do hand written Christmas prints! & share them
  • Have a baking day
  • Host our annual Christmas party (my first one as a Whish!)
  • Watch the Toronto Santa Clause Parade
  • Try a new dessert recipe
  • Get festive specials
  • Go to the Toronto Christmas Market
  • See the Christmas windows at The Bay
  • Go see the giant Christmas tree at The Eaton Centre
  • Go to the Cavalclade of the lights
  • Watch all of my Christmas movies
  • Decorate our (real) Christmas tree, even though we move very soon
  • Do a Christmassy DIY blog post
  • Listen to Snowed In (hanson's christmas album!)
  • Go skating outside at an outdoor rink
  • Eat Candycane Icecream
  • Make mulled wine
  • Make at least one handmade Christmas gift
  • Have a Christmas movie day with Ivy
  • Watch White Christmas was my Mom
  • Make a new Christmas cocktail
  • Drink bailey's and watch Christmas movies with Pete
  • Spread some Christmas love around Toronto
  • Mail lotssss of Christmas cards to friends all over
  • Attend three local Christmas markets
  • Have a Christmas craft day
  • Go to St.Lawrence Market for fresh groceries and flowers

November 20, 2016

Cute Toronto - VdeV Maison

h a p p y   s u n d a y!
What a busy week & weekend we had over here. It's been all good and wonderful in every way though. Today is my official kick off to Christmas (even though I have been really really excited about Christmas since like October...or earlier...)

Today was the Toronto Santa Clause parade! I am feeling extra festive today and wanted to share with you guys some snaps of one of my new favourite shops in our hood. VdeV Mansion is on Ossington ave, and a great addition to our cool west end hood. I honestly freak out every time I go here because I just want everything! They have the most beautiful little gifts, amazing housewares and kitchen stuff, bags, jewellery, plants and so much more!

Now that all of the Christmas stuff is out, I have fallen in love even more. I took a bunch of photo's so you guys can take a glimpse at all the pretty little details. One of my new favourite shops in the city! I am heading back next weekend to do some Christmas shopping (and I might just have to pick up a few things for our house because we move in one month today! Omg.)

Enjoy these! If you're ever in Toronto (or if you live here) you definitely need to check VdeV out. Follow them on Instagram for some inspiration too ♥

November 19, 2016

(a very cute) $5 DIY gift idea!

Happy Friday, Cutie!

I made this sweet little planter a few weeks ago and was so happy with how it turned out! Since we are very quickly coming up to CHRISTMAS, I thought it would be a fun time to share this sweet and (very very) simple DIY idea! 

I really think this would be such a cute little gift idea. For a co-worker, friend or as a little thank you/hostess gift! And let's be honest, doesn't it feel so great when you MAKE something special for someone? I always love that and find it so thoughtful

You only need 5 things to make this happen:
1. A mini pot (this is from the dollar store! it costed $1)
2. White paint (I used white acrylic paint)
3. A black sharpie
4. A plant or succulent
5. More soil, probably (to get that baby lookin' fresh)

I painted the pot white and did three full coats. Once it dried I drew the eyes and lashes and smile on with a black sharpie. I found this cute little succulent at one of my favourite local markets in our hood in Toronto (it only costed $4!) So what I am saying is that you can make this for $5-$7(ish)dollars

Yay! I am looking forward to decorating our place for Christmas this weekend. ♥ - it's been such a crazy couple of weeks and I am so excited to make this place extra merry. We've got a super busy weekend ahead (including a wedding & the toronto santa clause parade!)

Life is good. Happy Friday! :)

November 10, 2016

great wine with great friends!

H  E  L  L  O    T  H  E  R  E   ♥
It's been a really really rough couple of days. Without going in to too much detail about my thoughts on Tuesday nights US election results, I'll just say that there are better days ahead. 

I thought it would be fun to share this blog post about some of my favourite things! Wine, Friends & Sunday's! Oh and what better way to spend my favourite day of the week then spending time with some of my favourite people, in my favourite city, drinking one of my favourite beverages?

Yes, you got it! ♥ WINE! ♥ - I was really excited to try Inception Wine, I've seen it in the LCBO before and was obviously attracted to it because of it's pretty label (because let's be honest, we all judge wine on whats on it's bottle) - "Inception Irresistible White is a white wine made from a blend of Chardonnay, Viognier and Gew├╝rztraminer grapes each harvested by hand at full maturity for maximum fruit expression and crispness. On the palate, the wine is refreshing and just a touch sweet." This bottle retails for $13.95 at the LCBO (sounds like a good Christmas gift idea to me!)

My favourite way to enjoy a good bottle of wine is with great friends and cute-as-can-be snacks. We are definitely the type to pair our wines with fun, simple, delicious snacks/charcuterie boards.

Pete & I went over to our good pal's Amy & Zach's and they hosted us so beautifully as always. Ames created this perfect little cheese tray to go with our white wine. And, can we just talk about how insanely wonderful their place is? Oh, I just love it. It was a bright sunshiny day so I snapped lots of photo's to share with you all. (Learn more about my talented friend Amy by following her on Instagram & checking out her site

What is your favourite way to drink wine?!

November 8, 2016

making gifts cute - adding that extra sparkle*!

Well hello there! I am not too sure if you guys knew this about me already, but...I really love CUTE stuff! (that was a joke, because obviousssssly I do)

One of my favourite things ever is spoiling people I love. I just can't help it - I love to shower my friends, family, husband and co-workers with special things to make them smile. I especially love making my own little gifts, and taking a simple and ordinary gift and making it extra cute with all the adorable fixin's

My go-to gift add ons that can make any kind of gift really sparkle are
  • gift tags
  • confetti
  • stickers
  • bows
  • ribbons
  • clothes pins
  • glitter
  • washii tape
  • paper bags
And of course, you have to stock up on the cutest, prettiest gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper and boxes when you see them! I've always got stuff on hand for when I need to prepare a gift for a special occasion. My favourite place to get gift wrap used to be Target (rest in peace Canadian Target) but now I find a lot of my goodies at Homesense, Winners or Marshalls

For me, I always love to add that extra magic touch to a gift to make it special. I always do this for wedding day cards we give as well! I put it in a paper bag, add a little confetti bag with a clothes pin and a custom message, usually with a heart shaped tag too of course! 

You can make a bottle of champagne look cute-as-can-be with some ribbon, a tag and some extra pizazz. I love giving the mini ros├ę champagne bottles out with a paper straw & tag attached (like in the top photo) 

I am also a huge fan of gift boxes. What is more special than a box filled with someone's favourite things? This just never fails and I find it's also pretty cost effective. Homesense has the cuuuuuutest boxes you can use for gifts that can be part of the gift. At the end of this post you can see a gift I gave to one of my besties Jordan. He loves all the same things as me - cute, sparkly, rainbow, happy, awesome things! So, naturally I filled a gift box with all kinds of confetti and glitter and put his favourite candy, as well as some little gifts inside! Loved how this turned out!

I am excited to get some Christmas shopping done, and of course I love wrapping Christmas gifts! I will do a post all about Christmas gift wrap too! ♥