May 28, 2019

3 years since #whishwedding + toronto vendors i love!

I can't believe it! Three years ago today Pete and I got married, and I may be biased but it was the best day ever! #whishwedding was everything I'd dreamed it would be and more :) It's tough doing blog posts and round ups because I feel like I have hundreds of pictures that I love and want to share.

We lucked out with such a gorgeous day, it was perfectly sunny in every day and hot! Considering it's 10 degrees and rainy in Toronto today, it makes me realize even more how lucky we were to get the day we had (especially since a lot of our wedding was outdoors)

I loved wedding planning. I am just a natural planner type who thrives off of bringing people together, especially when it involves flowers, colours and confetti. I loved planning our wedding so much that afterwards I started doing day of coordinating in Toronto. I've planned over ten weddings in the past three years since ours and have learned a lot. Although it's something I am taking a break from right now (it's too much in addition to my full time job and now the bebe!) I am still very much in love with and excited about weddings.

I am sure they will continue to be part of my life in some capacity and I may continue doing some weddings in the future too! One thing I learned while planning is that these days with social media, it can be tough to find vendors because there are just SO many out there, it's overwhelming. Toronto is a booming wedding city with so many talented people, there are a lot I know and even more that I don't. 

I've really wanted to do a round up of some of my favourite Toronto wedding vendors for a while now. Some are ones we used, and others are ones I just adore, or have learned about since we got married. Check out the links below to learn more resources if you're planning a wedding in Toronto (the best city ever)

vendors we used + loved:
Venue: Caffino
Flowers - Blush + Bloom 
Wedding Dress - Sash + Bustle
Jules' Shoes - ASOS
Pete's Suit - Surmesur
Menus - Minted
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Groomsmen Get Ups - Zara Man
Flower Girl + Ring Bearer Get Ups - H&M

// flower vendors :

blush + bloom // I am sure it's very clear how much I love flowers and how many we had at our wedding. Becky and the team literally made my dreams come true! Normally florists will do a mock up of your bouquets etc but we decide to made it a surprise, and let's just say that I cried when they got delivered to the hotel room. Flowers make me so happy and I still cannot get over how perfect our wedding day blooms were thanks to the best in the biz! I cannot say enough about Becky and her team. I am forever their #1 hype girl.
  • periwinkle flowers // Jess is awesome! We have done a bunch of weddings together now and my brides are always so happy with the end result. She is just so calm and chill to work with and always does a great job.
  • primose + willow // Cecilia and I have been following each other on insta for a few years now and I've loved watching her grow her floral brand - she creates beautiful bouquets and I love her vibe.
  • hilary adele - Hilary and I have worked together at a few jobs before and have also done a few weddings together! This firecracker will crush your wedding day set up and make sure everything is looking lovely and put together.
  • wildwood floristry - Hilary is so darn sweet. We've done a few weddings together now and I love what she creates and how much she cares for her clients. Def would recommend!

wedding planners //
  • lexington + co // Lexi is a friend of mine and someone I admire so much. She is a beautiful soul inside and out and has so much positive energy. She is definitely one of the best, most consistent planners in Toronto as far as I am concerned and she constantly blows me away. I love bumping into her in our hood but even more so love seeing the incredible events and weddings she plans on the regular.
  • love by lynzie // I've been a fan of Lynzie's for years and a few years ago we met and hit it off as we are both happy, fun-lovin' confetti queens. Lynzie and her team are definitely known around the city as really fun, colourful and exciting planners! Their weddings are always so full of life and character and I am constantly in awe of what they bring to life.
  • blush + bowties // These folks I don't know personally but from what I've seen at wedding shows and online, I really love what they're doing and think they are worth checking out!

print // 
  • minted // I've been a huge fan of minted for years now and their stuff is so beautiful. We partnered together on our save the dates, thank you's and menus (photo below) and they have so many incredible designers hosted on the site, so you're sure to find one you love that matches you theme.
  • zazzle // A great/inexpensive option for table settings, menu's, save the dates, etc
  • social print audio // My favourite spot to get prints done (got a lot of wedding shots printed here) they also do cute thank you cards and such that you could use!
  • parabo press // Another great and easy to use site for prints, calendars, greeting cards etc. I've always been so happy with my orders from here too!

// other cool places/vendors for wedding-type things + inspo:
  • balloonery // I didn't have this contact when we got married, but Shawn and his wife are awesome and I use them allllll the time for work events. Very affordable, reliable and a great selection of balloons. Highly recommend.
  • the paper place // Love this shop (right across from bellwoods) and got some of my nice pens, washii tapes, and little decor pieces from here. Great selection and variety!
  • majestic chair boutique // If you're looking to rent classic chivari chairs, Majestic is awesome and a lot cheaper than chairman mills. Check em' out
  • robbie + matthew  // If you're looking for an amazing, talented, cute af musical duo for your wedding then Robbie and Matthew are your guys. Awesome covers and vibe and they are pros when it comes to the wedding scene.
  • bobette + belle // Since wedding cakes can be legit a ridiculous amount, I always suggest just ordering a classic cake and jazzing it up yourself with toppers, flowers etc. Most people don't even eat the cake these days but if you want one just to have something, this is a perfect, affordable choice

// wedding dress shops

sash + bustle // I cannot say enough about Sash + Bustle! Owned by two wonderful sisters, and do they ever make it a great experience. It was recommended to me by a few people and it's a much more intimate experience than a lot of other places. It felt really nice to be there with my Mom and bridesbabes trying on dresses. They had an incredible selection of dresses and I fell in love with this one. I had a really really lovely experience there and think every Toronto pride should check it out.
  • loversland // A really cool boho boutique on Ossington. They have great accessories and such too! They don't have a huge selection, and it's not the most inclusive as far as body types go, but they've got some beautiful pieces and it's a really cool space worth checking out
  • felichia bridal // I had a great experience here and actually almost got my dress! The gals there were so friendly and helpful and there was a great selection of dresses
  • becker's // One of the oldest dress shops in Toronto and the first place I went to try on gowns. My Mom and many other people I know got their dresses here!

photographers //

jessica silva photography // We could not be happier with the outcome of our wedding photos. Jess is not only an amazing photographer but a good friend of ours. Her and her husband Jose are legit a dream team and did an incredible job. They made everyone feel so good and comfortable and you honestly didn't even realize they were there. We have SO many photos that we absolutely love and are so grateful we got to have our pals shoot our day. Jess will not disappoint! Absolutely crushes it.

  • hilary spencer // Hilary and I met years ago at BlogPodium and have always followed each other on social. I love her photos and think she does an amazing job, she is very lovely and you should def check her out.
  • jess imrie // Jess is so talented. We've been following each other on insta for a while now and I love seeing what she's up to. Tons of experience with weddings of all types and always has beautiful outcomes
  • jennifer see studios // I met Jen years ago (I don't even remember how at this point) but I love her style of photography. Very moody and intimate and just gorgeous. I love seeing what she's shooting and she's just a beautiful soul inside and to
  • mango studios // Mango is filled with some of the best in the biz. I worked there for a very brief period a few years ago, but could see first hand just how good these guys were! So many incredible, talented photographers who definitely know their sh*t.

May 15, 2019

we're having a baby (!!!)

B  A  B  Y        W  H  I  S  H
Ohhhhhhh wow! It's been a minute and it's mostly because of the fact that we've got some BIG NEWS around here! Yep, it's true! Pete and I are having a baby and we're due November 16th.

Words can't express how excited and grateful we are. The timing in our lives feels just right and I am so glad we can finally share this news with the world. 

These past few months have been really tough and emotional. In February I lost my Uncle Al who passed away from cancer and was living in Thailand, so we got to spend lots of time talking to him online before he was gone. Two weeks ago my precious Grandpa passed away at the age of 97 (talk about an incredible life) and thankfully we got to see him all the time, especially in the past year while he was in the hospital and nursing home. Both these people mean so much to me and losing them has been heart breaking for me and my whole family (Pete included)

But, in times of loss and heart ache, there is life and love, and I truly believe that our little baby is a tiny miracle here to bring us joy and happiness during such a tough time. Of course it would regardless, but having this to look forward to has brought us all the good vibes.

I have lots to say about the first trimester and how this has been such a crazy, life changing experience (that I am glad I managed to stay awake for, lol) but I plan to do a whole blog post about my first trimester and reflect on my first few months of pregnancy.

This is all so new to us, and every day is different. I am excited for whats to come and above all could not be more excited to bring baby Whish into a world filled with so many incredible people who will love him/her SO SO SO much. The support and excitement our families, friends, coworkers and community have shown has been so amazing. I have no words. 

SO MUCH GRATITUDE! More updates on our new adventure very soon.

Love you all. xo

April 22, 2019

earth day (!!!)

Oh goodness, it's been a minute! Seems like I just blinked and we were almost at the end of April.

I promise I will try and keep the posts coming a bit more often, but hence life is always booming with fun + such.

Today is EARTH DAY + I just love this place so much. One of my personal goals this year was to put even more of an effort to be kind to the world and try and make an impact whenever possible. I thought it would be fun to share some tips on how to be better to mother earth, a lot of which I already do and will continue to work on.

little ways to make positive changes and help save the earth:

// always have reusable bags with you - i always do, and love any excuse to buy a canvas or mesh bag. my new favourite ones are these totes from red sky they are so cute, and honestly hold so much.

// meal planning to reduce food waste - we always try to plan our meals for the week so that we're organized and also so we're not throwing away food or letting it go bad. always a good idea!

// use a reusable coffee mug + water bottle - this is huge and such a simple and easy way to be mindful of the usage of water bottles and coffee cups. i prefer the really tall tumblers with straws.

// shop at farmer's markets - any excuse to hit up a cute market and i'm on board! i love going to local markets in the city and especially love to venture to st.lawrence market on a saturday.

// switch to eco friendly cleaning products - there are so many great ones out there but my favourites are mrs.meyers, method, jr watkins, dawn + green works

// grow your own herbs and veggies - this is not always possible for everyone given the space, but even if you've got a small space you can grow some herbs like mint, thyme and rosemary.

// be mindful of the water you use - make sure you're not leaving the water running, only run the dishwasher when it's full, be mindful of the length of your showers etc.

// bike and walk as much as possible - living in toronto, this is mostly all i know. we walk anywhere and everywhere we can and i'm lucky enough to even walk to work!

// go paperless - there are so many bills and types of paper mail we can receive, make sure you've switched to e-bills for all of them to eliminate unnecessary paper.

// re-purpose old jars and containers - pete knows how good i am at that :) but for real, if you can save a jar or container and re-purpose it, it's making a difference! things you can clean and re-use are clutch.

// trade and donate - trading sites like bunz are awesome when it comes to reducing waste and getting rid of something you no longer need. also, donating clothes and goods to places like salvation army (i've got another few bags ready to be picked up in the next few weeks)

March 20, 2019

hapiness + spring (!!!)

today is a great day you guys! it's the first day of spring annnd the international day of happiness!

What a day! One I sure look forward to every year that;s for sure. I am more than ready for Spring this year after a long (very cold) winter. Sometimes it feels like Spring will never get here, and I was feeling all warm and fuzzy today as the sun was shining so bright and I could literally smell Spring in the air. I also smelled a BBQ which just means nice weather is coming!

I had this plan to write this long, emotional post about living a life filled with happiness, and the things in my life that have helped me live a life filled with joy. Buuut, to be honest, I just don't have it in me! Part of being happy is setting boundaries, and realistic expectations for myself. Not sure if you can tell but I tend to go a bit overboard in literally every facet of my life (lololol) I am slowly getting better at this, and a bit part of it is learning to say no and take more time to recharge, relax and be at home with Pete.

Buuut, one thing I was able to (somehow) get ready in time for today was a new podcast episode!!! -It's all about happiness and spring, of course. Check it out if you're looking for a sassy little pick me up. This one was fun, and I can't wait to record many more to come! ♥

Here are a few of my favourite blog posts I've written about happiness in the past //
looking for lykke
international day of happiness/first day of spring 2018 edition
what i've learned from the "happier" podcast
learnings from "happier", part two
omg, our wedding

Here are some books about happiness I've enjoyed //
the happiness project, the power of moments, you are a badass, the book of awesome, the little book of hygge, + little book of lykke.

And here are some little things making me happy lately //
cooking, flipping through magazines, reading good books, sunny moments in my craft room, counting my steps on my fitbit, watching workin' moms, writing out my daily happy moments, having no plans on week nights, getting new plants for our home, trying to learn about my gem stones, playing soccer on my work team, going for walks in our hood, chilling the f out.

Hope your day/week/month/year is magical. If it's been tough, it'll get better. Love the start of a new season and new dreams. Let's make it special.

February 27, 2019

joshua tree, i love you.

J O S H U A    T R E E    F O R E V E R (!!!)
I love Joshua Tree. This place is legit pure magic and I am all about the vibe, all dayyyy. Pete and I went to JT for the first time last year when we went on our Cali trip, you can check out that post here.

We knew we wanted to go back to Joshua Tree, especially since it's just so close to so many other great places! We couldn't imagine not making the trip back to see such an incredibly cool place. So, we did just that! This time we just stayed in a cute air b&b for two nights. 

It was very cold in JT this time around, and sadly it was amidst the government shut downs, although while we were in the park everything still looked so amazing and beautiful. Hoping things are all sorted and back to normal now.

I'll be honest, there's not that much to do in Joshua Tree, I mean in addition to the fact that it's the coolest place ever inside the actual park. In that case you could get lost forever inside the park, because it is truly pure magic.

My favourite thing to do is go there for the sunset. Pete and I legit chased the sunset this time (lol) we were actually running around to find  the best spot to see the sunset and take some awesome pics. It's safe to say we found it! It was literally frigid cold there but so worth experiencing something so damn beautiful.

Other favourites while in Joshua Tree:

pie for the peopleA very delicious pizza place! Even though you basically always have to wait an hour and twenty minutes to eat it, I do feel like it's worth it.

country kitchen: We really wanted to go here last year but the wait was always so long. This is a teeny tiny diner with the nicest people and most delicious (greasy breakfast) I'm gonna go ahead and say it, the hashbrowns changed my life.

shop the mesa: My new favourite store. When you walk into a store and the owner offers you a mimosa for while you shop, you know it's gonna be a good time. This store is so beautiful, so bright and curated with amazing things. I got some really cute stuff like pom-poms + palo santo.

yucca bowl: When Pete found out there was a old school bowling alley with a mid-week special I was 110% on board. I love bowling! Omg we had so much fun here, the people there were so nice and it was like going back in time. $1.25 per game on Tuesday's - best $$$ we spent all trip!

hoof + the horn: Loveee this shop, and loved it last year too. A really amazing mix of clothes, decor, pins, jewels, candles, blankets and beyond. I got some palo santo perfume, pins, and Pete and I got the most beautiful navaho blanket for our house (it was only $50 and is legit beautiful.

joshua tree rock shop: Bless Pete's soul for putting up with my recent love of gems and crystals (lol) I wandered around the rock shop and was really thinking about the special gems I wanted from JT because it's a place that channels a lot of good energy. There were SO many options but I got three gems that are super special now!

moon wind trading co: This is a newer shop in JT, and is kinda in the middle of nowhere but I love that about it. Beautiful curation of goodies, especially the jewellery. Honestly, I just loved looking at everything because it was quite dreamy.

joshua tree coffee co: We loveeee coffee, so much that we did was like 15-20 minutes for our road trip coffees from JT Coffee Co. Worth it though because they were damn good! And everyone was so nice, I love nice people.

giant rock meeting room + coffee house: What an amazing spot! New to Joshua Tree, this is a beautiful spot right next to Moon Wind Trading Co. The staff were so nice (nice people everywhere) and the coffee was so so good. We sat by the window and the sun was shining so bright as we enjoyed some really damn good coffees.

I think everyone needs to experience the beauty of Joshua Tree at some point in their lives. I feel super thankful we got to go there two years in a row! JT, do you love me? Yes.