September 21, 2017

my weekend in prince edward county

o h    h e l l o    t h e r e  ,   g o r g e o u s!

Life is good, and busy and the blog posts are rolling in slower and less often than planned. But, here I am & here we are and if you're reading this - thank you for sticking around and checking back here for updates.

In August I went on a lovely weekend trip to Prince Edward County with my favourite person ever - my Mom! ♥ Pete was in Nashville for a bachelor party so we headed to do the opposite really. Relax, shop, eat, drink & explore a new (and beautiful) little part of Ontario.

We stayed at an adorable little Bed & Breakfast that was located on a Lavender Farm ♥ Sadly, the lavender was no longer in bloom but we still got to see the fields, smell the glorious smell and shop in the gift shop for magical goodies.

1. Explore the adorable towns - There are so many lovely towns in Prince Edward County to roll through. Each one has lots of little places to eat, drink and shop. Every town is a bit different but has something great to offer.
2. Take in the gorgeous views - The views in PEC are honestly beautiful. Take a look at these sweet photos to know what I am talking about! I was in awe at the gorgeous blue water and bright blue skies.
3. Eat & drink - There's lots of great little places to eat, drink and be merry. We had dinner and a drink on the patio at The Drake Devonshire, had a drink at Courage Bar and a delicious and adorable breakfast at our B&B.
4. Go antiquing - PEC has SO many really cool antique shops, and I love antiquing! They've all got so much character and feel less picked over than the ones in the city. I think my favourite one was Dead People's Stuff (esp cause I find the name pretty funny, haha!)
5. Relax in the countryside - One of my favourite parts about our time in PEC was just taking it all in and relaxing. Trying to unplug, read, spend time with my Mom and just enjoy the little moments. Being away from the city has that effect for sure.

I brought my DSLR to snap some pics to share with y'all. I am trying to make more time to bring my camera out because I am always thankful when I do.

Also, how cute is my mama? 

September 4, 2017

tell me something good.

Life is good and I've been telling myself that a lot lately, and enjoying every little moment. Sometimes we need a reminder, and for that reason I practice gratitude on the daily.

I have a few posts in the works but this is the best I can muster up after a long, relaxing, magical long weekend at home. ♥ I thought I would share some awesome/positive/sweet things that make me happy, and will hopefully make you happy too :)

 t  h  e     g  o  o  d     s  t  u  f  f      //

September 1, 2017

oh hello, september!

Well, would you look at that? All the sudden Summer is basically over and we're saying hello to September. What? How?! For realz?!

Even though I absolutely positively LOVE fall, I am still sad to see Summer go. It's been a really really busy & awesome one! It also seems like it was gone in a flash. I feel like we did so much and such a great variety of stuff. 

Labour day weekend is upon us and want to know why I'm extra excited? We're finally going to RELAX & spend some time at home in our city! We've had so many cottage weekends and plans outside the city that we haven't got to spend much time in Toronto this Summer. It's also been so crazy busy with work and other things that Pete and I haven't been able to spend much time together - so I am extra happy to spend time with him.

So, now let's talk about September. Definitely one of my favourrrite months of the year. Here are five reasons why I love September, and why you should too! 

September is like January 2.0. It's a great excuse for a fresh start, and a time to make some happy, and exciting changes, make some goals and get on track. I've always looked at September in this way even after being done school. I love that feeling of a new season, a fresh start and an excuse to get on track, make lots of lists and have things to look forward to.

HYGGE! (hoo-ga) If you don't know about hygge yet, read my blog post about it and get researchinghhg. As the weather changes and it gets cooler out, I love the feeling of getting cosy, lighting candles, unplugging, spending time with family and friends and just enjoying every moment big & small that life has to offer.

I love Summer but I find it can be overwhelming with all that's going on. Not only were our weekends booked up with fun plans and events, but more often that not, during the week we had plans as well! As things wind down, I am beyond excited to be able to spend more time to relax (even if that means just during the week) This is something I am always working on and trying to make sure I am making time for.

If you haven't noticed, all planners start in August/September which not only means it's time for a cute new planner (lol), but also it's time to get organized and start filling in special dates and things that will be happening in coming months. I love the feeling of putting all important dates in my planner & calendar and getting on track for fall and dare I say it....the holidays!

Now that we've got our own home, I have to remind myself to enjoy it! Summer is filled with park hangs, patios, the beach, cottages and everywhere in-between. September & fall is the perfect time to enjoy cosy nights at home. Looking forward to cooking meals together (seems like it hasn't happened in forever!), cleaning and organizing our home, chillin' with my hubby, enjoying our patio and just enjoying the cosiness of our home.

August 7, 2017

(toronto adventures - the leslie street spit)

Oh hello & Happy Monday! (even though it feels like Sunday!)

I wanted to share some photo's that I took last weekend on a little adventure we went on in the city. Pete and I and my brother Dave and his boyfriend Mikey went on one very amazing bike ride! This day was fun for a bunch of reasons. First off, I've been really wanting to take my DSLR camera out more often to take photos, and I did just that. Second, I was dying to get out on my bike ride again for an amazing biking adventure! And finally, I am basically always down to explore a new part of Toronto.

We've heard nothing but wonderful things about The Leslie Street Spit (Tommy Thompson Park) and have wanted to go for a while. We live in the west end of the city, and the spit is wayyyy east. We biked along the waterfront trails which are awesome! It was a reaaaaally hot day, and it's a really long ride, so we definitely took it slow for most of the way.

The Spit is such a cool spot, for a lot of reasons, one definitely being the fact that it's filled with incredible views of Toronto. It's lush, filled with wildlife, butterflies, flowers and oh - the prettiest rocks (a bunch of which we got for our collection!) The whole spit used to be lake 50 years ago, and its now covered with detritus and lake dredgeate. 

The whole area is filled with cyclists, runners, families and people out exploring. No vehicles or animals are allowed on site since it's a bird sanctuary. I'd definitely recommend checking out the spit if you're from Toronto or visiting. There were so many great photo ops and here's just a few snaps! I didn't even get any on my DSLR from the bottom of the spit because it was REALLY hot and we were reaaaaally tired (lol)

August 1, 2017

the anatomy of a cool dresser (stylin' tips!)

♥ H E L L O    A U G U S T ♥ 
Ummm, can we just talk about the fact that July is some how over and Summer is going to be gone before we know it? I can't believe it. So much to do, and so little time. 

And yet again, here we are two weeks since my last post! (not horrible, but not ideal!) I am super excited to share this post today because it's totally my jam. 

Pete and I have been on the hunt of some things for our bedroom, because it's probably the one room that's not quite done yet in our house. We've been dreaming of a mid century modern dresser and we finally found the perfect one! This dreamy babe is the perfect addition to our room, and I could not wait to get my hands on it to style it and brand it "Pete & Jules"

I've always loved decor and styling things to make them look pretty. I often switch up the little shelves and areas in our home to freshen them up and display our favourite things. This dresser was a nice, big blank canvas for me!

You will get the idea as to my thought process behind this when you see the photo's, but here are some of my favourite things to use on a dresser or shelf to display them! books, candles, trays, picture frames, matches, cameras, plants, flowers, jewellery, dishes, knick knacks, vintage pieces, magazines,  plates, dried flowers etc. I always like to switch things up every few months, depending on the season too! Here is our first draft of our new dresser. I hope you enjoy! (PS- Hi Looch! Love you!)