October 23, 2016

life lately!

Happy Sunday Pals ♥

I had a very chill weekend. I am pretty under the weather so I haven't had much energy to do anything really. It worked out because this was the first weekend in months where we haven't had a wedding, birthday, party or some kind of event to go to. Yesterday I got out of the house for a few hours with Pete as we went exploring, to see the new Beatles movie "Eight Days a Week" (omg so good!) and out for dinner.

I am binge watching Friends (I've watched too many episodes this weekend) and sipping on some hot water lemon & honey ♥ #cosy
  • We've been doing a major clean out of our place lately. Today we got rid of three huge bags of clothes from our closet that we are going to donate. Best feeling ever!
  • THE WALKING DEAD - oh em gee! Pete and I have loved the show forever but were about a half season behind. Well, we saw that the episodes we hadn't seen got added to Netflix..and let's just say we crushed those episodes the past few days. It's SO good. We've got one more to watch to get caught up and then the new one airs tonight!
  • Straight ~chillin~ for the month of October I've been spending the majority of my week days at home this month. I have been trying to spend more time at home relaxing because things have been so busy. It's been really nice! I've been getting some stuff done around the place, doing some crafting and creating and getting caught up on some reading.
  • Pinning up a storm! I have been spending more time on Pinterest lately because I am always looking for inspiration for our future (dream) home. We're looking to buy a place and if I can't have a house, I will dream about what I would do to one if I had one! 
  • Christmas is around the corner (ok not right around but pretty damn close) It's just over two months away and I am going to get started on my Christmas shopping this week. We've already sent out invites for our party and I think this year it's going to be better than ever! It's my first official Christmas as a Whish ♥

October 18, 2016

This Can Be Beautiful

H E L L O  G O R G E O U S ♥
// Ok, so it seems like I blinked and we're more than half way through October. It's been almost two weeks since my last blog post (sorry!) and it's been an insane couple of weeks for sure.

So, I've gotta gush over this book because it was written by one of my favourite humans of ALL TIME! If you don't know who Tiffany Pratt is yet - it's time you got to know her. I've been following along on Tiff's crafty adventures for a few years now and have had the pleasure to get to know her IRL. What I love about Tiff is that she as beautiful, creative, positive, exciting and inspiring in real life as she is on her Instagram, on TV and in her book!

She's got a zest for life like no one I've ever met and what she creates is beyond incredible. Her world is filled with colour, patterns and GLITTER (can you tell why we get along so well!?) 

Basically what I am trying to say is, Tiffany Pratt is my spirit animal.

She inspires me to follow my dreams, to make, to create, and to live a life of colour and love. Tiffany just came out with her first ever book and it is literally a dream come true. It's filled with the most magical DIY's, and beautiful colours, confetti and you guessed it -- GLITTER! Tiff proves that everyone can be crafty and creative and that you don't need to be Martha Stewart to make beautiful things. 

The book is filled with crafts to try at home like tie dye sheets, salt bath, hair powder, body scrub, streamers, candy heart studs, donut hole necklaces and so much more!

Here is a quote I love from the end of the book:

"This Can Be Beautiful is about returning to our true and little selves. It's about loving and accepting who we are, and making magic with the tools we have at hand. Children can make something out of nothing every time. They can turn a stick into a wand and wish on a petal. And, now, as your fairy godmother of glitter, I wish for you to take steps every day to return to a place inside of yourself and the place inside your home that is filled with treasures ready for you to celebrate and use. Embrace the life you always wanted while using what you already have. Wave your own magic wand, become your own fairy godmother, and little by little, develop that mantra for yourself. All you have to do is remember: This Can Be Beautiful"

I'm so glad I am blessed to know the magical human who is Tiff and I hope you will let her full your life with joy and love. You can get a copy of Tiff's book on Amazon & Chapters/Indigo and you can follow along on Tiffany Pratt's adventures on here Instagram and on her new&lovely website

*Thank you for being you Tiff, you make the world a better, happier, more sparkly place!*

October 5, 2016

whish wedding - part fourteen, decor details!

h a p p y ( w e d d i n g ) w e d n e s d a y
( all photo's by jessica silva photography )
Ok maybe I just wanted an excuse to blog about wedding stuff, because let's be honest weddings are one of my favourite things in life(!!)

As promised, I am sharing all of our wedding day details for y'all and today is probably my favourite topic - DECOR! ♥ If you follow me on my personal instagram & cute by jules instagram then you know that cute little decor and details are my jam. I had so much fun planning our wedding and a big part of that was coming up with every little detail of our day to totally reflect us.

Anything that I could craft, make or hand write myself I did and I had many a craft nights during our year of planning. With that being said, I wouldn't of had it any other way. My apologies on how image heavy this post is, but here we go...

For our guestbook we did a giant map of the world for everyone to sign (Pete & I met while working on a cruise ship and both work in travel so I loved this idea), for our cards from guests we did a vintage suitcase with a "cards" banner, I made confetti and stuffed mini confetti packets with a label that said "throw kindness around like confetti", and had mini kleenex packs with stickers that said "happy tears" on them.

We had guests write "happy notes" notes to us (this are so cute and also hilarious), our sweets table was a beautiful mess of pastel/confetti/colourful/cuteness and basically the cutest cakes and sweets, mason jars dipped in paint filled with gorgeous flowers, the prettiest paper straws, the biggest balloons, a mini volkswagon van photobooth (yes, this is a thing and it's THE BEST), gold glittered letters saying WHISH (my new last name!) & gold glittered hearts with our "table numbers" inside AKA beatles song titles...Annnnnnd the thing that took me the longest was the hand written notes I did for every guest! (I am going to do a whole post on these soon)

Looking at the photo's by our amazing photographer Jess just make my heart so happy. I can't wait to get more prints and really document our big day in a special way. I am thinking maybe a scrapbook or memory book filled with photo's, notes, speeches and all the details of our wedding day.

Thanks to anyone who has been following along on our #whishwedding fun, if you want to see some of my past wedding posts, below are a few of my favourites:

October 4, 2016

Five Fall Flicks!

Ummm, Happy October you guys! ♥

I am feeling extremely excited that October is here. It's one of my favourite months for sure! The weather has finally started to cool down here in Toronto and I am dreaming of a few weeks from now when things will calm down and I can catch up on some things I haven't had much time to do lately. To name a few: READ, relax at home, spend quality time with Pete, explore Toronto, and of course...blog! I've got so much fun stuff up my sleeve and I am excited to share it with you guys.

Since it's what I like to call "snuggle weather" here are five fall-like flicks to watch in the next month or so to get you feeling all cosy and in the spirit.

There is no question that this is a MUST, because A) it's just the best and B) it has some wonderful fall moments, like this one below for example (and can we please just talk about Sally's outfit for a minute?) I am stoked to watch this and I think I may even convince Pete to watch with me too! This movie is extra special now since one of our wedding readings was from this movie!
Mermaids is suchhhhh a good movie. This one is like legit my childhood you guys! I got really really excited a few years back when I found this on DVD and ordered it online. I will def watch it in the next few weeks! It always reminds me of Fall, and Christina & Wynona as little bb's are to die for! Def watch this movie if you haven't seen it before, and report back.

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! Well it seems I am feeling awfully nostalgic because this one is another classic one from my childhood too. It literally reminds me of Fall so hard. Crisp air at Notre Dame and Rudy ready and raring to go for his big debut. I think it never hurts for us to watch this movie again and get a little inspired by the ol' "you can do anything you set your mind to" state of mind.
We all went through a bit of a goth phase right? I mean I did just buy a choker last month so I kinda feel guilty. The Craft is SO GOOD and I cannot wait to watch this one. You know Halloween is here when you're in the mood for a little crazy Nancy in your life. I also think this would be a really good Halloween costume if you've got three wannabe goths you can get your hands on.
Ok this is a CLASSIC and I assume it's obvi already on your list but I couldn't not include it. I actually reminder going to see this in the theatre with my cousin who was in University at the time. What a great movie, and it seems that it just keeps getting better. I actually haven't seen it in a few years so I am extra pumped to get my Winnie, Sarah & Mary fix!

October 2, 2016

Sparkle Sleepover Party!

When my sister-in-law Linds told me that my niece Ivy chose "Sparkles" as the theme for her 5th birthday, I must admit I was pretty much jumping for joy! The theme was a sparkle sleepover - the girls came over in their jammies with their favourite stuffy and we had a mock sleepover party (actually the cutest ever)

I've helped decorate and do Ivy's parties for the past few years and it's something I look forward to every year. She's basically the cutest, sweetest little girl and I love her with all my heart! ♥ I happened to have a lot (I mean a lot!) of glitter lying around, especially from all the wedding crafting.  The general idea for decor was just a mish-mash of fun, sparkles, balloons, confetti and all things colourful.

Here's a little break down of what we did for Ivy's 5th birthday!

The Party:
* We made necklaces! (or some of the girls did depending on their attention span!)
* Listened to some sweet tunes! (the kiddies all went crazy for roar by Katy Perry)
* Ate some veggies, popcorn, juice boxes & pizza!
* Put hair chalk in the girls hair for a little spunk!
* I had this cute face glitter/sparkle I put on the girls cheeks!
* We watched The Jungle Book (original disney) while I painted their nails sparkly!

The Treat Bags:
* Bracelet
* Heart stickers
* Gushers
* Bouncy Ball
* Little ring
* Smarties
* Kazoo

The party was a success! Ivy was a little cutie pie as were all her friends and they were all so good! Me, my bro and my sis-in-law were all pretty exhausted at the end but it was such a success. Here are a few little snaps of the set up and the treat bags I put together ♥ :