September 29, 2016

Penguin Book Shop Toronto!

hello there loves & happy thursday!

It was a really gloomy day here in Toronto, the type of day where you want to be curled up in your pj's with a good book and a cup of tea. I've read some good books lately and I am so ready for cooler weather and calmer days where I can get through my next list of books.

Speaking of books - today I wanted to share some photo's of Penguin's new little book shop in Toronto. I was so excited when I heard Penguin was opening a shop. I got to check out the office a few months ago for some really great events including the Fall Lifestyle preview and it was such a dream.

The Penguin Shop is located in the 320 Front Street West in the downstairs lobby of where the Toronto Penguin office is. It's such a perfect little spot for book lovers! They've got kids books, novels, cookbooks, penguin classics, and all of the most wonderful Penguin swag - mugs, tote bags, notebooks, shirts, pins, water bottles, etc.

It's the perfect little surprise spot to check out when you're in need of a little gift for your favourite book lover. I am definitely going to have to pop back in soon to get started on Christmas shopping (hey, it's less than 3 months away now!) I love that they are always keeping it updated with fresh new picks & goodies, with new books and gifts coming in often.

Love this little shop! Check out the website, Follow them on Twitter! & on Instagram!

September 23, 2016

so long sweet summer (+ some sweet memories made)

Well, Summer has officially come and gone and what an amazing one it has been. Even though I am literally over the moon excited that Fall is here, I am still sad to see Summer go.

This Summer was extra special because it started with Pete and I getting married! We got married, and then went on our fabbbbulous honeymoon to Valencia, Barcelona & London. These were followed by so many fun plans scattered throughout the Summer

SO many cottage weekends, trips to the cabin with the fam and with friends, a road trip to Pittsburgh, lots of time by the pool, patios, in the sunshine, hanging out in Trinity Bellwoods, exploring Toronto, going to great movies, exploring the EX, Bachelorettes, Pride, Blog Events, Toronto Flower Market, work trip to Summer Camp, Beer Fest, and countless sweet memories with my new hubby, our friends and our family.

We're ending Summer/welcoming Fall with a bang as this weekend will ne wonderfully busy. I'm heading to a work friends wedding tonight! then tomorrow Pete and I get to be MC's for two of our bestest friends at their wedding, and Sunday I am going to a baby shower for one of my fave gals.

I did pretty good on my Summer goals but I am so excited to get going on my Autumn ones!

Here are some of my FAVOURITE Summer Snaps! ♥ :

September 18, 2016

happiness hacks!

Oh, hi you guys!
Oh my goodness. This past week & weekend has been a whirl wind. I could not be happier to be snuggled up on the couch with my hubs watching the Emmy's right now. I really need to take some time this week to relax and get some things done, because next weekend is going to be literally insane(ly) busy & amazing.

As you probably know by now, I am really in to happiness. I always love to share little snippets of happy on all social media outlets. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my own "happiness hacks"

- For a good nights sleep, put some lavender on your pillow before going to bed. Pete and I are so in to this. Also, we've decided that listening to a podcast before bed is legit the most amazing, zen way to fall asleep. (we're obsessed with serial btw)

- Have a "no plans" day every week! Ugh, I don't always take my own advice on this one but in most cases Monday is always my day to not make plans. This ensures that Pete and I have time together, can make a nice dinner and also that I can have an extra day to catch up and get stuff done after the weekend. This is also normally grocery/meal prep day and it's so needed.

- Always have something look forward to. I always love being able to look forward to at least one thing in the coming weeks/month that I am really excited about. This can be a dinner date, a plan for a night out or in with friends. I am generally one to plan ahead of time to ensure I can spend time with everyone and celebrate :)

- Pick out your outfit the night before. A shitty morning this week reminded me of this hack. If I am scrounging around in the morning looking for something to wear I often doubt my choice and keep changing and stressing out (yes, even for work) but if I take 5-10 minutes to get organized the night before and have everything ready for the next morning it makes my morning SO much happier!

- Keep a paper planner. Call me old fashioned but I love to still keep a paper planner/agenda to keep track of my life and exciting plans. I love having the visual of each week or month and see what is coming up/remember little things that are happening. Also, I just feel like I already spend too much time on my phone so this is an excuse to look at something on paper.

- Stock up on things on sale! This one can be tough for us because we don't have a very big place, but I always love to stock up on things we use often when they go on sale. This eliminates the stress of running out of something and having to hustle out to grab it. I am also a big fan of sales (I secretly love watching extreme couponers haha)

- Have a basket of party supplies on hand. Cards for all occasions, tissue paper, gift bags, ribbon, tags etc. I love having lots of go-to cute gift wrap and goodies on hand for little birthday gifts, house warming parties, goodbye gifts or a little "just because" surprise

September 15, 2016

100 days until christmas!

Well if you know me in any capacity then you know my favourite thing in the world is CHRISTMAS. Today marks 100 days until Christmas, and although that doesn't make it all that close, one thing I know is that before you know it, it's here again and then gone just as fast. Just thinking about the coming months and Christmas coming closer makes me SO happy! ♥ - Not going to lie, I've already booked the party room for our Christmas party this year. Last year we kept it pretty low key with our Christmas party because of the wedding, and this year we are going ALL out (obvioussssly)

So, for my fellow Christmas lovers, or maybe even more so the ones who don't love it - here's a round up of some of my favourite Christmas blog posts from the last few years. Enjoy + Keep Christmas with you, all through the year ♥ :

September 5, 2016

whish wedding - part thirteen, our wedding FLOWERS!

"with love in her eyes & flowers in her hair"
Oh hello there! It's Labour day and Summer is coming to a close, it's been one of our best yet! I really want to keep up with my wedding posts for you guys, and also as a way of me documenting every photo and memory. I already love looking back at our big day and filling all of the love.

Tonight I am gushing over our wedding flowers ♥ Pete knew that flowers were one of the most important parts of making our day perfect for me. I am a flower child through and through and I am constantly surrounded by flowers, and they make me so happy.

I knew as soon as Pete proposed that Becky from Blush & Bloom would be doing our wedding flowers. I've been following Becky on her floral adventures forever and have been lucky enough to get to know her the past few years. Her and her team are beyond talented and everything they create is like nothing I've seen before. Not only are they amazing at what they do, but they are a literal dream to work with. I had SO much fun meeting with Becky and creating the perfect plan for our wedding. 

Becky and I made the decision to let the wedding day flowers be a surprise (I highly suggest this if you have a incredible florist you trust) Of course I gave her lots go photo's as inspiration, but the actual flowers were a surprise for me on the wedding day! Annnnd let me tell you, it was THE BEST! When the bouquets and crowns arrived at my hotel room, I instantly cried. They were perfect, and then getting to the venue and seeing all the other flowers made me SO FRIGGIN' HAPPY! I cannot tell you how many people have made comments to me about how much they loved our flowers. They were definitely one of my favourite details of our special day.

For all of our flower inspiration & daydreams, check out B&B's site & instagram

Below are some of my fave flower snaps from our wedding. All photo's are taken by our insanely talented Photographer Jess Silva! Check out her site & instagram too!