July 30, 2010


location crush ;;
bermuda ♥!
so, as you may know from reading my blog. i used to work on a cruiseship! (that's where i met pete) - and working on the ship was definitely some of the greatest times of my life! words can't describe what an amazing adventure is was.
for 2 summers in a row, i spent 3 days a week in beautiful bermuda.
i LOVE this place.
for so many reasons -
the beaches were perfect, the water was beautiful, the sand was like silk, the company was incredible, the bars were so fun, there was always an adventure, the dark and stormy's were delicious! & so much more:)
bermuda will always have a special place in my heart..
it's where i fell in love!
and while i fell in love with pete, i also fell in love with bermuda!
here are some of my favourite photo's from there ;;


  1. You were so lucky that you got to do that for a living for a while. My hubby & I got married in Bermuda. I want to go back someday for our anni. We took a cruise there & didn't get to spend much time there or see much.

  2. It looks lovely there!
    You're adorable and I like your blog.

  3. I heard alot of people who went on cruiser said that it was great! I bet it was! Great pics!

  4. wow that's so beautiful! that must have been cool to work on a ship.

  5. Aw I loved seeing all these cute pictures!! Bermuda looks so beautiful and magical!! And you are sooo adorable and gorgeous!


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