March 28, 2011

what's in my bag?

happy monday my loves!
pete and i had an amazing weekend (agaaaain!) we had so much fun at the breast cancer fundraising dance. had a perrrrfect breakfast at my mom's, and had a great dinner out and had a great time at the juno's! we had awesome seats and had so much fun!
drake was an AMAZING host! there were so many incredible artists there. being in the same building as neil young as so awesome. shania was there too! we saw arcade fire perform, city and colour, and so many more:) it was an amazing time for sure.
today is my day off and i am so thankful because i really need it..
i decided to do a "what's in my bag?" post!;;
♥ mini notebook
♥ sparkly nail polish
♥ purple ipod (with cupcake headphones!)
♥ gum
♥ nail file
♥ 2011 planner
♥ "little miss chatterbox" pencil case
♥ "to-do list" rainbow book, with ariel on the cover
♥ polka dotted reusable bag from h&m
♥ hello kitty cupcake tin with mints inside
♥ pretty floral wallet :)
♥ russian red lipstick by MAC (forever and always)
♥ coconut and lime body spray from bath&body works
♥ hand cream
♥ hello kitty bandaids
♥ keys (with cupcake sanitizer attached!)
♥ lil' bee notebook
♥ cuticle cream
♥ taz kleenex, lol
♥ polka dotted makeup case (dollarama!)
♥ business cards ; cupcakes made with love:)
♥ heart change purse, h&m

pretty colourful eh?
i gotta go now, off to get a facial :):)
& then a walk..
then making dinner for my boy!



  1. that is a very colorful bag! And I want cupcake headphones! That sounds so fun!

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  3. I love "what's in your bag" posts..I have to do it too one of these days ;)

  4. Aw I love how everything in your bag is as cute as you are!! :)

  5. Okay you officially have the cutest bag contents... not that I'm surprised! I haven't been using a bag lately. I want to buy a new purse AND wallet... so once I do that I'll probably do one of these. Yay! :)

  6. How good is your bag...nice...

    Love your wallet!!

    The only thing that is in my bag is a wallet, ipod and phone....

  7. Everything in your bag is so cute! Where do you find such cute stuff? love it. A facial sounds awesome right about now.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)