November 7, 2011

ivy's cute-as-ever room!

Ivy! ♥
So if you didn't already know, I recently became an aunt to the cutest babygirl in the world.
Ivy! She's perfect in every way and I love her so much! She's got the best Mommy & Daddy ever and we are all so in love with her. I have already got her so many Christmas gifts:)
My Sis-in-law Lindsey is extremely talented and creative and did such an amazing job on Ivy's room. It's so wonderful. A lot of incredible vintage finds, and homemade things.
First,here are some photo's of my little cupcake of a niece.
&& then photo's of her kickass room!
Check Linds' awesome blog lazer baby


  1. she is darling, & so is her room!

  2. oh goodness, it's SO cute!!! i love it all.

  3. she is just so darn beautiful!! isnt being an auntie just THE best?!?!
    congrats julie (and to your bro and sis as well!)

  4. what a cuteeee baby! And her wardrobe, it looks better than mine!x


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